Better Box Mailboxes

Curbside Residential Mailboxes Can Add to Curb Appeal

LogoCurbside residential mailboxes can have a significant impact on the appearance of a home. A mailbox is going to be exposed to the elements, and over time, some of them get rusty and the hardware can start to get loose. Eventually, the mailbox can become an eyesore that reduces the curb appeal considerably. Unfortunately, many people that keep their front yards in perfect condition completely ignore the negative impact of their old, unattractive curbside residential mailboxes.

Better Box Mailboxes Delivers Extra Security with Locking Mailboxes

LogoMail theft is of greater concern today than ever before. One's identity can be compromised in an instant. Better Box Mailboxes is a company that produces a beautiful line of secure locking mailboxes. Allowing one to leave home and have confidence that if the mail carrier comes, that mail will be safe upon one's return.

Better Box Honors Veterans with Cast Aluminum Mailboxes

LogoBetter Box Mailboxes is a South Carolina-based company that has changed the playing field within the mailbox industry. They produce cast aluminum mailboxes at their own factory, so they have complete control of the process every the step of the way. The individuals that craft these beautiful contemporary mailboxes are all highly experienced, passionate professionals who can be described as perfectionists. Every one of the cast aluminum mailboxes that leave the production facility are works of art, but they are extremely durable and functional.

Better Box Releases Their Barcelona Mailbox

LogoThe highly regarded online mailbox company Better Box Mailboxes has introduced a Barcelona mailbox design that is taking the industry by storm. This company was founded on a commitment to innovation, quality, and world class customer service, and they have been getting high marks across the board from observers around the country. It can be difficult to find a Barcelona mailbox that provides the best of all worlds with regard to aesthetic appeal, durability, and value. Better Box endeavored to fill this void in the marketplace, and by all accounts, they have hit a home run.

A Decorative Mailbox Can Augment Landscape Designs

LogoThere is a perplexing phenomenon that permeates many neighborhoods. During the warmer months when everything is in bloom, there is one finely manicured lawn after another. At the same time, many of the homes have old, rusting, outdated decorative mailboxes diminishing the impact of the well cared for front yard.

The Metal Mailbox That Changed the Game

LogoEvery once in a while, a product is introduced into the marketplace that transforms the playing field, and this is exactly what has taken place when it comes to metal mailboxes. There is a company out of South Carolina called Better Box Mailboxes, and they chose their name very carefully.

Better Box Introduces Innovative Double Mailbox Concept

LogoPeople within the industry have been taking notice of the innovations that have been coming from the people at Better Box Mailboxes. They have now introduced a line of double mailbox solutions that are truly extraordinary on multiple levels. It all starts with the creativity and the craftsmanship. The company did a great deal of market research, and they knew what was out there when they started their design work. They wanted to offer something truly unique and different, but they also endeavored to imbue their double mailbox concept with a sense of timelessness.

Better Box Addresses Postal Theft with Robust Locking Mailbox Design

LogoMany homeowners view their mailboxes as purely utilitarian necessities, and there are others who recognize the aesthetic possibilities. However, far too many of them ignore the security angle, and they do not even consider buying a locking mailbox. This is a huge mistake.