Better Box Mailboxes

Better Box Introduces Innovative Double Mailbox Concept

LogoPeople within the industry have been taking notice of the innovations that have been coming from the people at Better Box Mailboxes. They have now introduced a line of double mailbox solutions that are truly extraordinary on multiple levels. It all starts with the creativity and the craftsmanship. The company did a great deal of market research, and they knew what was out there when they started their design work. They wanted to offer something truly unique and different, but they also endeavored to imbue their double mailbox concept with a sense of timelessness.

Better Box Addresses Postal Theft with Robust Locking Mailbox Design

LogoMany homeowners view their mailboxes as purely utilitarian necessities, and there are others who recognize the aesthetic possibilities. However, far too many of them ignore the security angle, and they do not even consider buying a locking mailbox. This is a huge mistake.