Big Ox O2

Big Ox O2 Launches New Features That Promise More Oxygenated Boosts with Less Hassle

LogoAthletes and outdoor enthusiasts unite! If traveling to high altitudes, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or frankly burning the midnight oil on a proposal is typical, Big Ox O2 has good news. Widely-available in Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, and on Amazon, the product is the new go-to resource for stamina in a can. The popular product is a legal option for individuals who want to boost their blood's oxygen levels to heighten focus and energy without caffeine or sugar. And now, it's upping the ante even more. Slated to roll out within the next two months, the product will have a newly-designed mouthpiece that has three-times the durability for easier administration in extreme situations. Better yet, it will come in the same size can, but with 66% more capacity. Welcome to 10 liters of gaseous high-purity oxygen at the fingertips. That'll give consumers 200, 1-second breaths of high-purity, high–potency oxygen from each can of Big Ox O2.