Bill Tallon

Flex Petz Offers Huge Savings on Alternative Pet Fencing for Home and Garden

Five million dogs go missing every year. With a statistic as alarming as that, it is no surprise that pet owners are seeking means to ensure their pets do not run away from home and become injured in the outside world. Despite this rising need, the expense of dog fences is prohibitive for many families; especially now that budgets are stretched in a time of recession. Flex Petz is a company that offers quality dog fencing at a fraction of the cost of bigger brands. They offer free advice on installation and training to help their customers make even bigger savings. the DIY Dog Fence Experts Launch a Cost of Owning a Dog Calculator

Market leading DIY dog fence experts has launched an innovative cost of owning a dog calculator. The calculator is designed to show prospective pet owners the long term cost of dog ownership. A spokesperson commented: