Blenz The Canadian Coffee Company

BLENZ Coffee Opens a Trendy New Store on Alma and 4th Ave

Blenz Coffee is pleased to announce the opening of a new brand new store in the trendy 4th Ave area. This new location represents the constant growth and development of the BLENZ Coffee brand across Vancouver. It is a thriving community, and we’re sure that Blenz Coffee will be well-received by all the people of the area, commented one local.

Blenz Red Band – Your Valentine’s Cupid

Walk into Blenz and leave with a coffee and a date! This year Blenz Coffee is celebrating Valentine’s Day by bringing singles together through its "Blenz Red Band" campaign!

The Blenz Red Band - Walk Into Blenz and Leave With a Coffee and a Date

This year Blenz is marking Valentine’s Day with something that has never been done before. They are giving singles in Vancouver a way to meet each other through “Blenz Red Band” - a customized sleeve they developed. If you are single you would grab this red sleeve at any Blenz location throughout February, prompting other singles to approach you and vice versa.

Blenz Coffee Opens in Kamloops Starting the New Year With Their Eighth Location in the Okanagan

Blenz Coffee is celebrating the New Year by opening a new store and entering a new market in Kamloops, BC. This location will mark their eighth location in the Okanagan region.

Use CarrotLines to Scan Your Foods at Blenz Coffee

Blenz Coffee partners with PortaLife Solutions to let Health & Fitness Conscious Consumers scan sandwiches and beverages directly from their iPhone

Protein Shakes Coming to Your Neighbourhood Coffee Shop in BC - Blenz Coffee Launches New Beverage Category for Health & Fitness Conscious Consumers

Blenz Coffee shops throughout BC are offering a new beverage line of protein, each handmade to order using real whole ingredients and 30 grams of whey powder.

Metro Vancouver and Blenz Team up for Exclusive Coverage

Metro and Blenz announced a unique partnership today that takes citizen journalism to a new level as Vancouver prepares for the global spotlight. Starting Feb. 12, Metro-Blenz News Squad bloggers will be stationed at key Blenz Coffee locations around Vancouver.

Blenz Coffee Offers their Americano as the Freshest, Most Perfect Perk-Up

Blenz Coffee shops throughout BC are reintroducing their Americano as an alternative to drip coffee, promising the freshest, most perfect perk-up.

Blenz Gives Customers an Opportunity to Support Maëlle by Simply Enjoying Great Coffee

Blenz Coffee has partnered with Maëlle Ricker, a Squamish‐based member of the Canadian National Snowboard Team, and is launching a new promotion that gives Blenz customers the opportunity to support her throughout the 2009-10 season.

Blenz Coffee Opens at Pulse as a Beacon of Welcome and Warmth

Residents and workers in the Arbutus and Broadway area of Vancouver turned out in droves Monday evening to welcome their new neighbourhood Blenz with open arms, and were shown a warm welcome in return. Blenz is located in the new Pulse Building at the corner of Broadway and Maple, and attracted family, friends, and neighbours, all unconcerned that an epic snowfall was due to start at any moment.