Blue Robin, Inc.

New, WebDMC 3.0 With Additional Features and Increased Options for Destination Management and Event Planning Companies

WebDMC 3.0, with many new features and increased functionality for Destination Management and Event Planning Companies. WebDMC 3.0 has been developed in collaboration with two major Destination Management Companies; Island Partners Hawaii and Naples Transportation

Not-for-Profit Friends of Mel Foundation has Chosen Blue Robin to Develop a New e-Business Infrastructure

Blue Robin, Inc. has been chosen to develop an eBusiness Infrastructure for the Friends of Mel Foundation (FOMF). The foundation was created to raise money for cancer research and to fund creative and promising projects that impact patient care at both the grass roots and institutional levels. Areas of greatest interest to FOMF are research, education, awareness, prevention and patient support.

Blue Robin Appoints Director of Professional Services

Blue Robin, Inc., a developer of proven and cost-effective eBusiness Infrastructures, today announced that Mr. Jonathan Kingsbury has been appointed the Director of Professional Services of Blue Robin.