bluechipcare President Declared President of Fall River Nursing & Rehabilitation Home, a Fall River-based medical equipment and mobility aid provider, is proud to announce that CEO Howard Freedman has been appointed President of the Fall River Jewish Home. Discusses How to Make a Home Wheelchair-Accessible

Living with a mobility impairment is difficult in a world that doesn’t always use good judgment in designing public and private spaces. This is unfortunate, since nearly everyone at some point in their life, whether born with it or not, will develop decreased mobility to some degree. Being unable to ambulate around on your own, or, in extreme cases, being shut out from inaccessible buildings altogether, is a frustrating situation. But, even though you may not be able to change the access routes to the local diner, you will be able to make your own home more accessible with just a few changes. Now Renting Knee Walkers Nationwide

Fall River-based mobility and home medical equipment provider is now providing rentals on knee walkers to customers nationwide. Previously only available to residents in the New England area, is now offering rentals to serve customers across the country. Their recent purchase of a new fleet of knee walkers will supply the needs of their customers nationwide. Their knee walkers are now available for rent to individuals, hotels, convention centers and other facilities.

Is It Time for a Wheelchair?

When that time comes in your life when you or a loved one needs a wheelchair, you may find that the decision of what kind to get is more complicated than you imagined. Many people will need a wheelchair or some kind of personal transportation device at one point or another, either temporarily or permanently, in order to get around. When that time comes, you will need to ask yourself a number of questions to determine what type of wheels you’ll need. has put together this quick guide to get you started on getting the right wheelchair for your needs. Gives Three Reasons to Rent an Electric Scooter

Having a disability that impedes your mobility on a daily basis can decrease your desire to get up and get out into the world. No one wants to depend on others to get from one place to another. Independence and the ability to act on our thoughts and ideas without asking for help is a big part of what makes us all unique individuals. That’s why it is so important to understand your choices when it comes to thinking about getting a personal transport device like an electric scooter.

Knee Walkers and Knee Scooters Keep You Mobile After a Leg Injury

Accidents sneak up on us, especially in our old age. Older bones don’t have the same elasticity as they did when we were younger, and even young bones can snap in an overzealous youth. In the old days, if you injured your leg, you were destined to spend some time in a wheelchair or on crutches. But, these days, your freedom of mobility is enhanced with the invention of the knee walker. Announces Four Reasons to Rent a Wheelchair works with many clients looking to purchase medical equipment to suit their in-home health care needs. One category of item that is shopped for on a daily basis is wheelchairs. Although there are many features to consider when purchasing a wheelchair,the most common factor in the decision is price. Considering the cost of some wheelchairs, this makes a great deal of sense. That is why offers wheelchair rentals to clients as an option to purchasing, because sometimes renting makes more sense.

Electric Wheelchair Maintenance Tips

Purchasing an electric wheelchair is a big investment in both time and money. Doing the research to ensure that you have a chair that meets your needs can take weeks and even months with all of the brands and options that are available. When it comes to cost, you absolutely want to make sure you are making the right choice. has a few maintenance tips that will help you keep your powered wheelchair in tip-top shape so that your investment lasts longer and serves you better over the years. Announces New Loyalty Club Program

Fall River-based mobility and home medical equipment provider is pleased to announce their new Loyalty Club. The memberships are being offered in response to the fact that many consumers of home healthcare products have recurring needs for those products. The Loyalty Club membership will allow repeat customers access to special discounts on products. will provide these members with other information on early sale items as well as new products.

Is the Scooter Store for You?

Independence is the key to a happy life, but it is something that many of us take for granted. When we have the ability to move about on our own, to explore and to make decisions based on needs and wants instead of ability and means, only then are we independent. There are many reasons why an individual may lose their mobility throughout their lifetime, but one thing is true: If you live long enough, you will probably lose some if not all of your ability to get around on your own. If that happens to you, you need to visit the scooter store at