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Stop Motion Animation Artist Scott Shelden Named Lead Artist at Bluemooner Studios

LogoBecause of his unique style which combines the gritty and dark with a sense of humor, stop motion animation artist Scott Shelden has been named Lead Artist at Bluemooner Studios. Bluemooner is currently creating the stop motion animation series, "Zacki Almost Saves The Zoo", and Scott has been the artist behind creating the character puppets for the series.

Bluemooner Studios to Produce Bad Movies as Fast Movies

LogoBluemooner Studios will be producing RadioDiva's Fast Movies. Bad movies will be distilled down to their best (worst) parts, and then those parts will be traipsed over with zeal in about 15 minutes. That means bad movie lovers (those who love cheesy sci-fi cinema, colorful exploitation films and vividly moronic horror movies) will be able to fit roughly six bad movies into the time it takes to watch a single bad movie.

Free Book Days for Bluemooner Studios' Zacki Almost Saves the Zoo

LogoBluemooner Studios will be offering the a free book from the "Zacki Almost Saves The Zoo" ebook series between February 20th and February 24th. The book will be available for free download during those dates on by going to

Stop Motion Animation Studio Bluemooner Begins Pre-Production of Zacki Almost Saves the Zoo

LogoBluemooner Studios will be premiering the stop-motion web series "Zacki Almost Saves The Zoo" on YouTube in 2015. The web series will tell the story of Zacki, a boy of thirteen who lives with his parents at the zoo, and his struggle to save the zoo from Martha, the alleged animal skin-wearing evil amusement park owner, whose collection of mind-altering rides sits across the old desert highway opposite Zacki's Zoo.