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BlueRiver Diamonds Offers Good Options for Valentine's Day

LogoWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Blue River Diamond Jewelry is happy to announce that its selection of diamond jewelry has never been more extensive, with hundreds of different pieces to choose from. Additionally, the company has staff on hand to help provide customers with advice and feedback on the purchases, which could make this Valentine’s Day purchase one of the least stressful in memory.

Blue River Diamonds Jewelry Releases Mobile App

LogoOnline diamond wholesalers Blue River Diamonds Jewelry is helping the jewelry world take a step forward, technologically, with the introduction of their first application for iPhones and iPads: the Blueriver47 app, which can be found in the Apple iTunes store.

Holiday Season Popular Time for Diamond Sales

LogoBlue River Diamonds Jewelry, an international distributor of diamonds and fine jewelry, is leading the trend of simplifying the search for the perfect diamond. As the holidays approach, diamonds remain a popular choice for gift givers, but locating the right quality stone for the desired price can be a complicated challenge.

Self Designed Pieces: The New Trend in Jewelry

LogoCustomers looking to design their own settings will be pleased to find that Blueriver Diamonds Jewelry offers thousands of styles, cuts, and colors to choose from. Many people find that a self-designed piece of jewelry is more cost-effective and distinctive. Rather than relying on retailers, customers will find that they can create unique engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings at a fraction of the cost.

Beware of Sites Claiming to Sell "Wholesale" Diamonds

LogoThere are a number of Internet sites that claim to sell diamonds wholesale. Unless they are actually selling in bulk to diamond distributors that are going to resell them, however, those claims are a bogus marketing trick and are actually illegal. Blueriver Diamonds Jewelry offers no tricks or gimmicks - only diamonds and fine jewelry at wholesale prices. A second generation seller, Blueriver Diamonds Jewelry has established a reputation for offering customers exceptional quality and service.