Blu Track Designer Series Improves Upon Toy Racetrack

LogoAs the Christmas season creeps ever closer towards us, parents across the country are hard at work scouring toy stores and electronics stores to find the perfect gifts to delight their children with. The process of making your child's Christmas wishes come true can be an agonizing process rife with stress and tough decisions. Do you get them an outdoor item that encourages playing outside? Their favorite videogame they've been asking for six months? Perhaps a gift that stimulates their creative side? For over a decade the team at BluTrack has put out a toy racetrack that does just that – encourages a child's creative side, inspiring them to put their mind to work and see what a touch of imagination can do. With their most recent invention, BluTrack Designer Series, the team at BluTrack has made their racetrack more malleable than ever. A performance channel is placed between the lanes and allows for varied stiffness and the creation of large loops and other stunts.