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BNG Infotech Private Limited offers affordable ERP software solutions for logistics, fleet, and transport management. Since its inception, the company is constantly looking for ways to improve its software to ensure its clients get the best user experience. They have ample experience in the logistics industry. They are committed to developing and providing value-for-money solutions. The company aims to bring technological updates to the system to drive a company's business growth and its clients.

BNG Infotech Private Limited Offering a Feature-Rich and Powerful Online Transport Management System

Based in Delhi, India, BNG Infotech Private Limited is a well-established and reputed ERP Software Company. With a profound experience, expertise and a guaranteed to deliver approach, this enterprise creates progressive, industry-specific and customer service-oriented ERP software solutions. With their use, companies and businesses can conveniently monitor, handle and control all their business processes remotely.

LOZICS: A Top Transport and Logistics Software, Providing Logistics Companies with Trusted Solutions

LOZICS is a transport and logistics ERP software that was developed in 2005 by BNG Infotech Private Limited. BNG Infotech Private Limited is an ERP software development company based in Delhi, India. LOZICS was created to manage various modes of transportation for companies, including road, air, sea, and train. The software helps logistics service providers to digitise and have complete control of their operations. It also helps with business expansion, productivity as well as with the supervision of critical business procedures. More so, LOZICS is composed of modules such as the transportation management module, fleet management module, transport accounting, and add-on modules, which are all available for customers to choose from based on their requirements.

LOZICS: A Software for Logistics Management Companies, Offering Freight Forwarder Solutions

LOZICS is an online transport ERP software. The software is a digital product developed by BNG Infotech Private Limited. Since the year 1995, they have providing quality services, and are regarded as a market leader offering excellent solutions to logistics companies. LOZICS was developed through several devoted years of rigorous research, and collective efforts from technicians and domain experts. More so, the software is GST-compliant and integrated with third-party systems using Application Programming Interface. The solutions offered by LOZICS are used by a vast number of logistics companies to digitise their business operations, as LOZICS leverages the most efficient implementation strategy to offer instant and desired outcomes.

BNG Infotech Is Offering Logistic Management Software for Transport Firms

BNG Infotech Private Limited is a New Delhi-based logistics firm operating under the trademark LOZICS ERP. The company offers business automation ERP solutions to local and international transport companies. Since the year 2005 when they started with a single transport booking module, the company has expanded its horizons. It now boasts of multiple modules with the latest technologies that offer top-notch ERP solutions to clients. Their products are integrated with third-party applications and devices such as GPS vehicle tracking, GSTN, FASTag, eWaybill, or petro card and payment cards. LOZICS has invested heavily in research to make sure their customers get upscale working experiences.

LOZICS: A Transport Management Software Solution

LOZICS is a fully integrated cloud transport ERP software, and it is a licensed trademark of BNG infotech private limited. They have been providing the most technologically advanced business automation ERP solutions to the logistics industry. LOZICS was created after years of rigorous research and joint work from technicians and domain experts. Logistics companies use it to digitise their business operations and get absolute control of business operations. It also combines integrated features from all applications such as transport, accounts, fleet, payment card, and eWay Bills into one ERP. This helps to reduce duplicate workload and reduces processing time.

BNG Infotech Private Limited Offers One Transport Management System (TMS) Solution for All Transport Verticals

BNG Infotech Private Limited is a highly experienced ERP Software Company in India, which has a reputation for creating progressive, industry-specific and customer service-oriented ERP software solutions. The software solutions that the company makes for logistics companies and the retail industry are cloud-based that can be used both on-premises and as software as a service (SaaS). All the ERP software solutions are smart enough to help customers conveniently monitor, control and handle complicated business processes and drive growth. These world-class applications created by BNG Infotech Private Limited also help minimize processing time, reduce operating cost, increase revenue and achieve desired goals and targets.

LOZICS ERP Is Offering Freight Forwarder Software to Manage Operations

LOZICS is an excellent logistics management software System that makes the job of logistics easier by providing a wide range of benefits to customers, which drives growth, increases profitability, and makes the business free of hassles, and provides stress-free life. ERP System builds on specific business processes that are tried and tested over a while; by using ERP software, these processes are automatically implemented in the organization. The logistics management system uses Google API to capture the location and calculate the distance between two stations. This feature has helped many logistics companies while calculating the cost of transportation. The system can import data from spreadsheets, and integration with a third party ERP system is very much possible in our logistics management software.