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New York Appeals Court Affirms Sole Custody Ruling on the Ground That Parents Cannot Effectively Communicate

LogoThus granting a father sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the divorced couple's child. In the Matter of Keller v. Keller, the New York appeals court determined that the bad relationship between the parents made joint custody a practicable impossibility.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Bill Extending the State's Driver License Suspension Program for Unpaid Child Support

LogoOn August 14th, 2019, the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a statement announcing that a state program that allows for the suspension of driving privileges for failure to pay child support is being extended for two more years.

New York Appeals Court Modifies Divorce Judgement on Grounds That Unprofitable Business Partnership Cannot Be Easily Divided

LogoA matrimonial action that involved a spouse seeking a modification of a divorce judgement on the grounds that the initial ruling was unjust and ineffective.

Second Department Muddies the Religious Divorce Waters

LogoAs such, she was unable to remarry within the faith. In Cohen v. Cohen, the trial court withheld the husband's marital property share until he gave his wife a Get. He refused to do so. The Second Department overturned that portion of the divorce order, relying on Section 253 of the Domestic Relations Act. This provision states that a defendant in a divorce action is not required to remove all barriers to remarriage for the other party.

Rise in Pet-Nuptial Agreements in New York

LogoBased on a survey conducted by Direct Line Pet Insurance, researchers found that approximately one in twenty pet owners report that they created a pet-nuptial agreements specifically to deal with what will happen to their pet during a divorce. Many more pet owners said that they would consider getting one.

A New York Assemblyman Is Leading an Effort to Overturn the State's Strict Adoption Record Confidentiality Laws

LogoAmong other things, these birth records generally include the name(s) of the biological parents. How easy or difficult it will be for an adoptee to access their own birth records depends largely upon which state they were born in. New York has some of the strictest adoption record confidentiality laws in the entire country. Indeed, it is extraordinarily challenging for adoptees to get access to their own birth records. As explained by Syracuse, NY adoption attorney Richard J. Bombardo;"Under New York state law; adoptees have almost no rights to get access to their own birth records. Adoption records laws actually vary widely around the country.

Divorce Rate Falling Nationally; but Less So in Central New York

LogoOver the last decade, the nation's divorce rate has continued to drop. However, the divorce rate has not fallen evenly in all regions of the country. As an example, Central New York stands out as a region where the divorce rate has dropped. However, the decrease is far less significant than it has been nationwide.

Home DNA Tests Reveal 20% of Men Are Not the Father

LogoThis remarkable statistic raises serious questions for many would-be dads and concerned fathers alike. Reports suggest that as many as 30,000 tests are taken each year, and in some areas of the U.S., namely the northeast, as many as 30% of men discover they are not the father of the child they are testing.