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Post-Divorce Auction of $700 Million Art Collection Delayed Due to Covid-19 Emergency

LogoIt is not unusual for divorcing couples to fight over assets.

Bombardo Law Office, P.C. Still Open

LogoThe effects of the coronavirus have been felt far and wide, impacting individuals, families, businesses, the economy, the health sector, and more.

New Yorkers Should Be Thinking About Tax Season and Alimony and Spousal Maintenance

LogoNew Yorkers who got divorced in 2019 or had their divorce finalized in 2020 will view tax season differently this year.

New York Case Addresses Oral Agreements About Spousal Maintenance

LogoThe case, Matter of Makris v. Makris (2020), demonstrates that a court will uphold an oral agreement to terminate maintenance. Further, if a party fails to demand maintenance, that failure can constitute a ratification of the oral agreement. In Makris, the wife's failure to enforce a maintenance provision amounted to a waiver of her right to maintenance.

High Net Worth New York Divorce Battle Will Be Resolved Through Liquidation of Nine Figure Art Collection

LogoAfter 50 years of marriage, Harry and his wife Linda filed for divorce in 2016. Since then, the proceedings have dragged on—at times getting ugly. Now, The New York Times, reports that Mr. Macklowe and his ex-wife Linda are set to resolve their divorce dispute by liquidating one of the world's most valuable art collections.

New York Appeals Court Affirms Sole Custody Ruling on the Ground That Parents Cannot Effectively Communicate

LogoThus granting a father sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the divorced couple's child. In the Matter of Keller v. Keller, the New York appeals court determined that the bad relationship between the parents made joint custody a practicable impossibility.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Bill Extending the State's Driver License Suspension Program for Unpaid Child Support

LogoOn August 14th, 2019, the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a statement announcing that a state program that allows for the suspension of driving privileges for failure to pay child support is being extended for two more years.

New York Appeals Court Modifies Divorce Judgement on Grounds That Unprofitable Business Partnership Cannot Be Easily Divided

LogoA matrimonial action that involved a spouse seeking a modification of a divorce judgement on the grounds that the initial ruling was unjust and ineffective.

Second Department Muddies the Religious Divorce Waters

LogoAs such, she was unable to remarry within the faith. In Cohen v. Cohen, the trial court withheld the husband's marital property share until he gave his wife a Get. He refused to do so. The Second Department overturned that portion of the divorce order, relying on Section 253 of the Domestic Relations Act. This provision states that a defendant in a divorce action is not required to remove all barriers to remarriage for the other party.

Rise in Pet-Nuptial Agreements in New York

LogoBased on a survey conducted by Direct Line Pet Insurance, researchers found that approximately one in twenty pet owners report that they created a pet-nuptial agreements specifically to deal with what will happen to their pet during a divorce. Many more pet owners said that they would consider getting one.