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Bonza Brats Launches New Collection by Bali-Based Coco and Ginger

LogoBonza BratsTM launches on its website the new collection of stylish children’s clothing designed by Balinese brand Coco and Ginger. Based in Bali, Indonesia, Coco and Ginger focuses on creating top-quality baby clothes using hand-woven fabrics and unique prints, with a lean towards producing for the girls’ category.The Coco and Ginger Spring Collection is the latest of several product launches initiated by Bonza BratsTM on its online store.

Bonza Brats Announces New Kiddie Products

LogoOnline shopping should be a delightful experience for the shoppers and that is exactly what Bonza Brats is doing as it added new products to its kids’ gifts category. In the pursuit of making everything convenient for its loyal shoppers, the online store is trying to broaden its inventory. Now, it has more than just plain gift items to offer its shoppers. It also provides gift wrapping, E-vouchers, and delivery services, making it close to being a one-stop gift shop.

Bonza Brats Offers Affordable, Fashionable and Fun Kids Accessories

LogoA fashionable outfit will never be complete without the use of accessories. And for those who are looking for something that will look great together with some of the clothes found in the closets of their kids, Bonza Brats is the place to visit. This is the ultimate kids fashion clothing and accessory store that has mums and dads covered right from their small babies, tots, up to their tweeners.

Bonza Brats Proud to Include New Items from Street Fashion Munster Brand

LogoStreet, punk, and rebel on the inside. Bonza Brats, one of Australia’s leading kids fashion retailer, is proud to have the clothing label that embodies the description mentioned earlier. Munster, the kids clothing brand that was inspired by Mikey Munster, the urban legend character that represents the devious side of kids, is a collection that even adults would be able to relate to. Although these come in small sizes, clothes from Munster are anything but the common cutesy outfit offered by other labels.

New Arrivals at Bonza Brats a Must Have for Kids

LogoBonza Brats, an Australian kids fashion provider, just keeps on pushing the ante when it comes to its assortment of products. Once again, it added new items on its online store, where visitors will be seeing ultra-chic dresses and accessories for girls, timeless and trendy items for babies, and dashingly hip clothes and accessories for the boys. One of the top executives of the company is urging parents to come and visit their shop, assuring that you will not leave the store without being able to pick one for your kid.

Leading Australian Company Says New Fashion Apparel Line Something to Look Forward To

LogoSince 1986, Bonza Brats has been in business, providing some of the most sought after items when it comes to kiddie fashion in Australia. Up to this day, this continues to live up to its tagline, “Fun Gear For Fun Kids,” as seen in its wide assortment of colourful and trendy clothes and other kiddie fashion items. Currently, there are more than 95 labels carried on their online store. Why the need to add a new apparel line? According to its marketing head, this move is a way of providing more options to its currently existing customers and also a way to entice more parents to come to their online shop.

Bonza Brats Excited About Upcoming New Products on Its Website

LogoNothing beats buying products from a provider that has the ability to carry several lines that can go anywhere from affordable to expensive. This allows shoppers the freedom to choose according to their budgets. Mums and dads are willing to go the extra mile to buy the best stuff they could afford for their kids. This is why people at Bonza Brats are always on their toes when it comes to choosing items for their website. They understand that parents love their kids more than a prized diamond and in the coming days, parents will be seeing new additions in their fashion line.

New Trendy Must-Have Fashion Items Now Available at Bonza Brats

LogoBonza Brats, an Australian kid’s fashion retailer company, indeed is living up to its reputation as one of the best in its industry. It has been doing business since 1986 where it gained a great reputation for its smart product choices. What’s new in store for its customers? New products are now available for purchase at their official website. “Fun gear for fun kids”- this is Bonza Brats’ tag line and their new items could be described as such.

Bonza Brats Holding Mega Kids Fashion Sale Bonanza

LogoAs a way of giving back to its customers, Bonza Brats is offering sale on kids’ clothes, accessories toys and other stuff on its online store. Prices start at $2 and up to $129. Selections include baby infant clothes, cute girly trinkets, and fashionable gears for boys.