New Book Explores God's Existence – Does God Exist? Are Science and the Belief in God Compatible?

LogoNew Book Explores God's Existence – Does God Exist? Are Science and the Belief in God Compatible?

RECESS IS OVER! Is A Must Read For All Teachers From Master Educator & Self-Acclaimed Book-A-Holic, Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg

LogoDr. Sherry L. Meinberg’s RECESS IS OVER! No Nonsense Strategies and Tips for Student Teachers and New Teachers is for every student teacher and new teacher wishing to know the ins and outs of teaching.

Getting Out of the Way Is What Author Daniel Dinges Has In Mind For His Characters In His New Novel About Vietnam, "Get Out Of The Way"

LogoThe 1960s are in full bloom and the Vietnam conflict had reached its apex. Tom Daniels wants no part in fighting a war he does not agree with. In an effort to avoid the black hole of compulsory military service consuming thousands of young Americans, he exhausts every resource to cling onto his personal freedom and refrain from putting on a uniform. His efforts eventually come to naught and Tom is inexorably pulled into the abyss of the draft. When he emerges on the other side, he quickly discovers that he can keep away from the fighting if he keeps his wits and stays sharp. These are dangerous times and Tom Daniels knows the costs of making mistakes-a ticket to Vietnam, with a possible return in a body bag. Author Daniel Dinges gives a front row-view of a young man's efforts to find his way through the cultural revolution of the legendary sixties. A panorama of the times, Tom struggles to wage the personal battles of love and family, while avoiding placing himself in the crosshairs of the largest American military blunder of the 20th century. In a time when many would not survive either battle, Tom is determined to Get Out of the Way!

Can You Change A Prophecy By Manipulating Events? Author, C.M. Chakrabarti Holds The Answer In Her Book, "The Planet Star: Unfolding Prophecy"

LogoA young widow leaves her home planet, heading out into the galaxy to a planet that will help her to reestablish her life as well as that of her young son. Unknowingly, she enters the snare of an evil lord who has, for many decades, been searching for "the prophesied widow", whom he believes holds the key to The Planet Star that would destroy his empire. Shortly after the widow and her son arrive at their destination, they are brutally kidnapped by those in collusion with the evil lord, but his plans are foiled when his archenemy, King Ewlon, daringly rescues the widow and her son. Together, the King and widow cross the galaxy to his home planet and to his home which is the only place The Planet Star can be activated. However, their footsteps are continually dogged by the evil lord and his minions.