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Adjustable Comfort with the Hästens Novoria

LogoThe Hästens Novoria is an adjustable bed boasting a strong focus on delicate details such as the elaborate mattress piping. Collectively, these qualities create a synthesis of firmness that's slightly above the also adjustable Lenoria by Hästens.

Brickell Mattress Gives Back to the Bahamas

LogoBrickell Mattress is saddened to see the major trail of destruction left behind by Hurricane Dorian. As efforts continue to assist the Bahamas in its recovery from the storm’s devastation, Brickell Mattress is running a sale aimed at helping areas affected by the storm.

Sleep Comfortably Cool on the Hästens Eala and Hästens Excel

LogoIn Hawaii, it's customary for people to say "E Ala ?" to gently nudge someone awake. Once you've experienced the comfort of a Hästens Eala, it's easy to understand the reason why the Swedish manufacturer chose the bed's name. Wakeup feeling wonderfully refreshed, as if being awoken from a blissful rest on a remote tropical island.

Upgrade Your Sleep at Brickell Mattress

LogoThe Hästens 2000T redefines what the word "bed" means, delivering a sleep experience that is practically indescribable. This bed was designed by hand so that any movements or changes in position are responded to easily, ensuring that the other person will not be interrupted due to tossing or turning. The exceptional support comes courtesy of individual Hästens Spring Systems responsible for supporting just about every inch of the body.

Buy a Vispring Mattress and Receive a Free Box Spring

LogoBrickell Mattress invites customers to take advantage of the sale featuring Vispring. Until June 2nd, customers purchasing a Vispring bed that is at least queen size or larger will receive a free boxspring to use with their new bed.

Sleep Better on Vispring Mattresses


Exceptional Sleep with the Vispring Classic Superb

LogoBrickell Mattress welcomes customers to try the astonishing sleep experiences provided by the Vispring Classic Superb mattress.

Sleep Better on Premium Mattresses

LogoBrickell Mattress invites customers to discover the incredible sleep experiences of the Vispring Masterpiece Superb and Devonshire mattresses.

Better Sleep in 2019

LogoIs a better night’s sleep a resolution for 2019? If so, Brickell Mattress sells a broad selection of premium mattresses, including by beds the acclaimed manufacturers Hastens and Vispring.

Better Sleep Without Static Electricity

LogoStatic electricity is often caused by electrical equipment and the friction generated by synthetic furnishings. This friction can occur during the sleep cycle. A person may be asleep close to a power cord such as their mobile phone charger, for instance. Hence, the location of a bed plays a major roleand the possibility of being exposed to static electricity serves as another reason to consider a bedroom free of electronic devices.