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Business Travel Miami South Florida, Making Corporate Travel Delightful

LogoMiami has become a business hub in the recent years and the amount of business opportunities are increasing with each passing day. Downtown Miami has become one of the main commercial areas for all business related opportunities. A growing business involves a lot of travelling as well and Brickell travel in Miami, Florida provides impressive travel packages and deals like no other. Their travel and customized packages are made especially for individuals according to their needs and requirements. Brickell Travel clients experience a better corporate travel experience and a hassle free travel with no last minute changes. For business travel Miami south Florida, Brickell travel is aimed at getting satisfied and loyal customers that trust only them when it comes to their corporate and travel bookings. The staff at Brickell Travel understands the importance of time management and corporate meetings. Making sure the customer is at the right place at the right time is their responsibility and they make sure they get it done.

Small Business Travel Management, Understanding Travel Business Management

LogoTravel management as often mistaken is not just for the big companies. The right small business travel management organization can save a company a lot of money with travelling costs. Small business travel management companies have many contacts and developed a good rapport in the travel and hospitality industry. They can help any small business save a large amount of money, especially when travelling is very often. A travel management company like Brickell Travel in Florida understands that customization is important when it comes to running a traveling company. They know that it is important to provide clients with customized travel packages that suit their requirements and needs, making travel an easy and smooth process.

Corporate Travel Benefits for Small and Medium Sized Organizations

LogoCost cutting is a continuous challenge and an annual objective for travel programs of various companies be it a large or a mid-sized organization having only a few travelers.

Integrating Business Intelligence in Corporate Travel Solutions

LogoThe success of any corporate travel program lies on the ability to manage travelers. It is about understanding the thinking and decision-making process of the travelers. And a corporate travel management agency can do just that for your company.

Brickell Travel Celebrates Its 5th Year Anniversary at the Legendary National Hotel

LogoBrickell Travel Management, Miami’s reference in the corporate travel industry, celebrated its 5th anniversary this past Saturday at the National Hotel in South Beach. The party was a celebration for employees and a few vendors that have worked with BTM since the beginning. The festivity was organized by Invitati, Brickell’s travel division responsible for events and incentive travel. The theme was inspired in the thirties and Brickell Travel’s team dressed up in style, reviving the posh nights at the National Hotel.

Business Travel Management Agency: Saving Your Money and Offering Reasonable Business Trips

LogoA business travel management agency helps people in the corporate sector to find flights and other travel resources quickly for comfortable travel. Travel management companies provide reasonable voyages for every class. In other words, these companies offer regular trips to targeted locations for their clients.

Travel Agencies Must Embrace Mobile Technology

LogoAccording to the new Travel Flash Report by the New York Advertising firm Criteo, in the first half of 2014, 40% of Americans booked some form of travel – flight, car rental, hotel – on a mobile platform. Mobile bookings have increased by an upwards of 20% in just the first six months of 2014. This is much greater than desktop bookings, which only had an increase in bookings by 2%. This reveals that mobile is quickly becoming a person’s favorite way of booking their next trip and flight.

Why Does a Company Need a Corporate Travel Agency?

LogoMany corporations send their employees and salespeople on frequent business traveling trips throughout the year. Companies usually, have tie-ups with travel consultants or business travel management companies for booking their frequent corporate traveling tickets and accommodations. Travelers expect to have that information available at their fingertips throughout their business trip. Thus a lot of business travel arrangers go beyond the expectations of the customers and offer information and services that surprise and delight them. They provide an excellent travel experience and create clients who come back again and again.

Ways to Minimize the Travel Expenditure of Organizations

LogoToday there is an increasing demand of meeting highly-individualized corporate travel services with a touch of technology and business intelligence. The need for a business travel management firm that is committed to providing customized solutions and exceptional services is reaching a higher intensity. The main goal is to expand and provide endless potential to people and businesses who consider travel as one of the keys to meet their business appointments and close deals for that matter.

Save Time and Money with Business Travel Experts

LogoTravel management in recent times has become a specialized business function that balances the needs of the employee along with his corporate and financial goals. It