Brosix Version 3.2 Offers Missed Event Notification

When going to lunch, taking a bathroom break, or heading into a meeting, it can be stressful to get back to the desk and wonder if anyone has tried to contact you while you were gone. Thanks to the new missed event list and optional sticky notifications on Brosix Instant Messenger Version 3.2, users can now see if they missed anything while they were away from their computer. Until this point, if you are not on your computer, you would have had to click manually on the chat window upon returning to see if there are any missed events.

Brosix Version 3.2 Offers Improved Contact Management

One of Brosix version 3.2 instant messenger’s latest features is now included on the personal version of the software, which is free to all users who are using a Mac, Windows, or Linux operation system. The Brosix engineers strive to continue to develop both the Public and Enterprise versions of their software, while still maintaining their “No Advertisement Displayed” policy.

Brosix Version 3.2 Offers a Directory Transfer Feature

The Brosix Instant Messenger Directory Transfer is a further development of the File Transfer feature. This feature allows users to send a directory full of files with a single drag-and-drop movement, either from the Brosix menu, or from the Windows Explorer context menu.

Brosix Version 3.2 Offers Custom Client Logo Options

The latest version of Brosix, Version 3.2, offers a more personalized experience for instant messaging administrators and users alike. The most recent feature to be announced is the “Custom Client Logo” feature for the Brosix Enterprise customers, which allows network administrators to upload the company logo to be used on the Brosix interface.

Brosix Version 3.2 Allows for Customizable Plug-In Order

The latest version of Brosix, version 3.2, has several upgrades and new features that weren’t available on previous versions of Brosix Instant Messenger for work. One such feature is the “Customizable Plug-In Order”, which allows users to change the order of the plug-ins in the toolbar, which is located in the main Brosix window on the right side of the contact list. This feature also enables users to hide and unhide plug-ins.

Brosix Version 3.2 Allows Users to Send Files Directly from Windows Explorer

A great new feature with the latest version of Brosix, version 3.2, is the ability to send and transfer files via Windows Explorer. Saving time by sending files directly from the explorer window instead of opening up the Brosix File Transfer window first can make daily work processes easier and simpler.

Brosix Version 3.2 Allows Managers to View Employee Desk Time

For many companies, the ability to see when employees are at their desks or not can help gauge productivity and manage lunch breaks can be extremely useful. However, many supervisors don’t want to be walking by all employees’ desks to monitor their activity. Fortunately, Brosix offers a “Manage Away Time” feature, which allows supervisors to manage the amount of time users are at their desks.

Introducing Improved Audio in Brosix Version 3.2

The Brosix programming developers and executive staff are pleased to announce improved Audio Quality for the video chat feature of Brosix Instant Messenger for work and personal use. The enhanced audio feature will be made available for both versions of Brosix, Personal and Enterprise.

Brosix Version 3.2 Welcome Screen Highlights New Features

An overview of the new version of Brosix Instant Messenger is easy to find with the latest Welcome Screen.

Brosix Announces High Quality Video Option

Brosix remains steadfast in its ability to continously produce new features for its existing and new customers. One of the newest features now available for users is high quality video calls.