Google Android Andy Rubin Dispelled Suspicion, Android Still Open Source – Brothersoft

A few days ago, a piece of hot news said Google would stop open source for Android 3.0 and start to perform restrictions on vendor modification. However recently, a radically different statement was expressed by Andy Rubin. Let’s go for more details.

Microsoft to combine Toyota promoting new partnership - Brothersoft

Technology is changing with each passing day, cross-industry cooperation highlights new cutting-edge technology. Recently, Microsoft is said to combine Toyota for a new coalition. Now, let’s see detailed information.

Rumor: New Twitter Business Profile Page Resembles Facebook – Brothersoft

Apparently, all of the vendors expect to offer immense users better service and product, also do the industry giants. Recently, Twitter is said to update a new online profile page, what will users benefit form this new page? Let’s read more as below.

Jobs to Be a Commercial Legend Instead of God

Justifiably, Apple is a commercial legend, leading IT consumption trend. Yet, how does Apple manage to its great success? Now let’s unlock this mystery.

Firefox 4 Rreleased to Compete IE9 Vs Chrome- Brothersoft

About one week ago, IE9 was released. Yesterday, Mozilla released Firefox4. The browser empire was fell into a hot melee since then. Now, let's look through specific details of Firefox4.

Goole, Apple Demonstrating Humane Care to Contribute Toward Japan - Brothersoft

Last Friday, a strong earthquake of magnitudes 9 occurred in Japan. Then within a short time, assistances from the whole world reach in Japan. Some technical giants also attended in, they are sparing no efforts to help the victims.

2011, 17 Recommendable Security Software - Brothersoft

Nowadays, varies of security software are full of Internet, maybe you are not decisive for picking up the right one from them. Consequently, we recommend 20 security software as reference for you, expecting to simplify your selection process.

Nokia Combines Windows Phone Advancing the Market

Nowadays, smartphone contest becomes increasingly intense, no vendor wants to be defeated, thus they struggle to show their talent on purpose of tenaciously occuping the market. Recently, Nokia announced its plan on combining with Windows Phone. How will the giant alliance work? Let's wait and see what happens.

Enjoy PC Bosster7 at on 21th

Nowadays, most group buy sites are generally concentrated on cuisine, hairdressing and cultural events. However, strikes out on its own as a vertical software group purchase B2C shopping site. This time, dedicates PC Bosster7 to its users. To ensure you have the perfect experience, go to Of course, it’s absolutely at bargain price Release the First Worldwide Application Group Purchase Site on Jan. 24th 2011

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