Brytlyt, the Fastest GPU-Accelerated Database & Analytics Platform Is Now Available on Amazon EC2 for Real-Time Insights on Billions Row Datasets

LogoBrytlyt which was recently catapulted to World's Fastest GPU database by an independent benchmarking is now available on Amazon AWS using EC2 P2 instances. Amazon EC2 P2 Instances are a GPU instance type designed for compute-intensive applications.

Brytlyt Catapults to Number One Spot and Tops List of the World's Fastest GPU Databases

LogoAfter independent benchmarking by the leading expert in GPU Databases, Mark Litwintschik, Brytlyt's GPU Database demonstrated astonishing performance to knock the previous holder from number one spot and take the title of the world's fastest GPU Database available on the market today.

Leading GPU-Accelerated Database & Analytics Platform Introduces SpotLyt, a Visual Analytics Tool for Billion Row Datasets

LogoBrytlyt, the leading GPU-accelerated database & analytics platform, is now offering a real-time visualization analytical tool called Spotlyt designed for massive data sets. SpotLyt allows data scientists and analysts to interactively analyze billion row data sets in real-time, helping them discover correlations and anomalies in ways previously thought impossible.