BTA Ltd.

BTA Ltd. Offers Highly Reliable Disaster Recovery Services for All Types and Size of Business

LogoA renowned IT support company in London, BTA Ltd. offers disaster recovery services to help prevent business loss and minimise risks. BTA Ltd. provides disaster recovery solutions to every business ranging from small to large businesses. Their solutions include offsite backup, server replication, real time backup and many more, so that there is no data or business loss under any circumstance. BTA Ltd. sets up, monitors, maintains and supports the service, giving their clients relief even in a moment of adversity. The disaster recovery solutions also include BTA Managed Veeam Cloud Backup, BTA Managed Disaster Recovery with Veeam and BTA Managed Disaster Recovery with Zerto.

BTA Ltd. Offers Incredible IT Support Services Designed to Support Companies Growth

LogoOne of the foremost IT support companies in London, BTA Ltd. offers comprehensive IT support services that help businesses to deliver desire outcomes. The support services they offer greatly reduce the downtime of the companies whilst improving their productivity and profit. They have a team of IT experts who understand that modern business across the London can afford cannot afford downtime. In order to maximise profit and avoid as much downtime as possible, BTA Ltd IT has to run well. That is why BTA Ltd provides comprehensive IT support service for both software and hardware issues. The experts of BTA Ltd possess vast industry experience that helps them to determine the root of a problem, find a solution, and quickly implement it for better results.

Hosted Server Solutions from BTA Ltd., Eliminating Hardware and Utility Expenses

LogoOne of the foremost IT support companies in London, BTA Ltd. offers hosted server solutions as a part of their succinct business plan. Their cloud computing services are extremely helpful for all types of businesses as they provide numerous benefits through server and infrastructure hosting. Thus, for their business-critical applications, many small and midsized businesses would benefit immensely by adopting private cloud hosting solutions. BTA can build and sustain a private cloud environment that is extremely flexible and delivers the computing resources that are required for escalating the business into its most productive form. Some other advantages of hosting the server and other critical computing apparatus in the cloud include:

Implement Data Recovery Solutions as Part of a Concise Business Plan with Disaster Recovery Solutions from BTA Ltd

LogoOne of the leading IT support companies in London, BTA Ltd. offers best quality data recovery solutions as a part of a concise business plan with disaster recovery solutions. The advantage of the managed backup and disaster backup offered by BTA Ltd. is that it helps ensure the redundancy that an individual is searching for in a comprehensive backup system. The safety of data is not compromised, and the re-routing of data is also possible which makes it possible for the individual to get his business back, up and running again. This reduces the downtime to minutes, which helps in effective restoration of data. Some more advantages of their disaster recovery solutions are:

Take Business to New Heights with BTA Ltd.'s Proficient and Strategic IT Consultancy Services

LogoOne of the leading IT support companies in London, BTA Ltd. now offers proficient and strategic IT consultancy services to help business owners to take their business to new heights. To stay ahead in this competitive market, businesses are following the trend of leveraging their company's IT into higher degrees of productivity and profitability. Thus, to accomplish this cumbersome task, BTA is now offering comprehensive IT consultancy services to companies of varying size and scale. BTA Ltd. helps their customers to reduce IT issues and save costs in the process, by enhancing their efficiency and boosting their organisational bottom-line profits through their bespoke and professional IT consulting services. The team of consultants and specialists at BTA are familiar with all types of business technologies and they are proficient in crafting out business-minded solutions for any IT-related situation.

BTA Ltd. Now Offers Email Protection Services from Security Breaches and Inbound Threats

LogoA renowned IT support company in London, BTA Ltd. now offers email protection services from security breaches and inbound threats. This offering is part of their latest security solutions, within their range of tailored IT services. Expert technologies like Mimecast are deployed as part of these security solutions, which works to safeguard emails against a range of threats including malware, spam, data leakage, phishing, and spear-phishing. Various other emerging email-borne threats are tackled using an advanced mail transfer agent (MTA), which acts as an email bridgehead in the network. For effective implementation of security processes with instant effect, BTA use a single interface for overall management, which makes email protection much simpler and straightforward for each client.