Butler & Stag

Estate Agents in East London Butler and Stag Launches New Website with Live Updates

The London property market is one of the most intense and competitive in the world, with prices at a constant all time high and properties coming on the market only to be snapped up the very next day in some cases. When the pace of developments is as fast as this, it is essential for those interested in buying or renting properties to be alerted as soon as they come on the market. Estate agents in East London Butler and Stag have recently integrated a live update stream to their relaunched website which combines new property releases with the latest market news to give readers an edge when negotiating on properties.

Butler & Stag Celebrate First Birthday as Estate Agent Grows to Span East and North London

The property market in London is one of the busiest, most competitive and expensive markets in the world. It is no surprise then that estate agents must be premier experts in their field in order to operate successfully. One business combining such knowledge with a fresh and streamlined approach is Butler and Stag, a new agency begun by agents with over 25 years of experience in the industry. As they celebrate their first birthday, business couldn’t be better, as they have now extended their reach to most of east and north London.