Butterfly Children Ltd.

The Butterfly Children Prepares to Delight a Whole New Audience with Their New Animated Series

LogoThe team at Butterfly Children Ltd. has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a funding goal of £37, 800 (slightly more than $59,000). They launched this campaign in order to raise the funds needed to bring a new animated version of the highly popular Butterfly Children children's storybook series to the public. The Butterfly Children started out as books nearly thirty years ago, and were extremely successful. The books were based on original butterfly drawings, and have been read by over two million children. The creative minds behind this series state, "These enchanting stories tell of the trials and challenges of the loving Butterfly Children who are performing good deeds in the woods while overcoming the evil and mischievous intent of the Moth Gang. Every story is resolved with a quirky but fair conclusion, which is fun and educational, with the accent on fun."