C. S. Lewis Institute

C.S. Lewis Institute Presents the Radical Pursuit of Rest

LogoThe event will take place in Middleburg, VA, at Delta Farm from 7:00 pm to 9:15 pm. The scheduled speaker is Dr. John Koessler, the chair of Chicago's Moody Bible Institute. Dr. Koessler is also a professor of pastoral studies at the school and has been part of the faculty for over 20 years.

C.S. Lewis Institute Honors the Author's Life with 2017 Study Tour

LogoIn a bid to help casual fans and enthusiasts alike learn about one of history's most respected Christian authors, the C.S. Lewis Institute announces "The Summer Tour of C.S. Lewis's Belfast and Oxford." Running from June 24th to July 2, 2017, it provides an extensive look at the culture and land of C.S. Lewis covering a range of special destinations including Magdalen College and Bodelian Library, as well as the Kilns at Dunluce Castle that inspired Cair Paravel in the Chronicles of Narnia.

C.S. Lewis Institute Hosts Timely Event with Dr. Os Guinness

LogoMany are wondering what the future of the country holds and the role the Christian faith plays, in that future. C. S Lewis Institute announces a bold new event to approach to this dilemma: 'Where is America Headed? The Decline of Culture and How Christians Can Respond.

Sign Up for the Heart & Mind Discipleship Program to Learn More About the Christian Faith

LogoThose who consider themselves to be Christians should strive to learn more about their faith, which can be much easier said than done. Fortunately, there is a simple and straightforward solution in the form of the Heart & Mind Discipleship Program. Although it is offered through the C.S. Lewis Institute, it is important to note that it features content from a number of pastors belonging to a number of denominations, thus ensuring that those who choose to sign up can benefit by experiencing a wide range of perspectives on relevant issues.