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Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment Ends Maryland Teen's Pain After Multiple Options Fail

LogoCalmare Pain Relief Solutions, a medical practice located in Staten Island, NY, reports that its Calmare® device has succeeded in alleviating a young girl's chronic, debilitating pain. Numerous pharmaceuticals, physical therapy, and use of both a TENS unit and sympathetic nerve blocks had all failed to offer the patient any relief.

Connect the Pain Dots: Is There a Link Between Nutrition and Pain

LogoChronic pain is a condition that is defined as nerve or muscle pain that lasts for more than six months. Chronic pain can affect the back, shoulders, pelvis, knees, head and other parts of the body. Chronic pain usually begins with a primary injury that causes trauma to the affected area. Patients may still feel the pain even after the area has healed. This is because the affected area still becomes inflamed from time to time.

Neuropathy: Treatments Exist That Could Lessen Pain That Is Getting at Your Nerves

LogoAs far as ailments go, neuropathy may not be one that everyone has heard of or even knows much about, yet the Neuropathy Association estimates at least 20 million people — roughly one in 15 nationwide — have it in one form or another. According to the group, neuropathy is the most common chronic neurological disease and a leading cause of adult disability.

Don't Sit on Back Pain - Get Moving to Non-Invasive Approaches Says Pain Expert

LogoOne would think that those working on manual labor would make up the patient population, but according to NYC-based Jack D’Angelo, MD from Calmare Pain Relief Solutions, a physician group which specializes in offering a non-narcotic and non-invasive solution for chronic pain, he is seeing a rise in patients who are experiencing neck and back problems, with sedentary lifestyles blamed for this negative trend.

Calmare Pain Relief Solutions Adds New Calmare Pain Therapy Clinics

LogoCalmare Pain Relief Solutions(the “Company”), a chronic pain treatment medical practice, will increase its Calmare Pain Therapy clinic network by 70% in the Tri-state area in 2014. This expansion is in response to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) position regarding the benefits of using a non-narcotic solution for the relief of chronic pain. This position was highlighted in a recent New York Times article entitled “FDA Shift on Painkillers was Years in the Making.”