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Rise in Country Sports Sees Airguns Under Increased Consideration

A number of recent news pieces have drawn attention to greater engagement with and publicity around country sports – such as fishing and pistol shooting. This is an apparent popularity furthered by the rise of companies providing access to these kind of activities: for example 'Really Wild Adventures' is a Somerset-based business offering the opportunity for air rifle shooting amongst beautiful surroundings. It is expected that this emphasis on air gun shooting as part of a structured, cultured recreation will result in increased engagement; with more possibly wanting a model of their own too.

Disabled Archers Are Aiming for International Glory – And Show a Growing Sport

Recent news has highlighted the highly inclusive and growing community of people involved in the sport of archery. Once seen as a sport of old tradition, such reports prove it is a progressive and thrilling activity to be involved in. It accommodates people with disabilities too, as proved by two visually impaired archers - Stuart Rodgers and Carol Davies, who are part of the Louth and District Disabled Archery Club - being invited to train for two major international events. They have been to shoot individually at international classification level, and also will compete for Great Britain at the European Championships in April. This proves that archery is at the forefront of progressive sport, something industry experts, Sports Guns, was keen to comment on.

Sports on the Decline Leads to Call for More Exciting Options Available

According to Sport England's Active People Survey, with results recently released, there appears to be a growing trend of sport and exercise being on the decline in the UK. West London is a prime example where the proportion of adults getting involved with the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day fell; in six out of eight boroughs.

Another Young UK Star Makes It to the Olympics for Shotgun Shooting: Cardigan Sports Comments

The GB Squad is now six-strong and highlights the ability and strength within shooting as a sport in Britain. This increases important awareness that rifle and shotgun shooting, when practiced responsibly, is a highly skilled and competitive discipline. It is also expected that the sporting successes of the GB squad may inspire more people to take up the sport themselves, something well-supported by a number of professionals in the field.

Calls for Tighter Legislation After Air Rifle Misuse

Air guns are largely used responsibly in the UK – especially as part of sport and pistol shooting – yet a minority o those in possession of the guns are behaving irresponsibly. According to the Blue Cross, the amount of cats who have been shot by pellets from air weapons has doubled in the space of a year. The charity is calling for tighter restrictions on the sale of air guns after the devastating injuries that the charity has seen.

Airsoft Skirmish Raises Important Charity Money: Cardigan Sports Comments

Recent news has shown that airsoft guns can be used as part of constructive, charitable activity. In order to support the Old Boots Veterans Association, over 200 people took part in a giant airsoft skirmish in Morinville, Canada– raising money for a worthy cause. The association helps veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the skirmish not only helped promote awareness, but was a highly fun activity in itself. It highlights that airsoft can be a positive activity and can involve a great number of people.

One Hundred and Eighty Seven Guns Up for Auction: Sports Guns Comments

Leading UK air gun supplier, Sports Guns, have recently commented on the auction which featured 187 firearms from gun collector David Swan, including classic guns, replicas, air guns and more.

Air Rifle Centre Opens to Reduce Gun Crime

A man based in Wraxall is looking to set up an air rifle range for children, young people and families in a bid to combat rising rates of gun crime. The range will include supplementary activities too, such as fishing and archery. The initiative comes after members of the public in the area found that shooting ranges were inaccessible to non-specialists; waiting lists and members' only clubs abounded. The new centre will seek to involve people of all ages, especially families.

Celebrities Back the Good of Gun Sports: Cardigan Sports Comments

According to a recent report, Ceri Sweeney is just one of a number of high profile individuals to come forward in favour of recreational shooting sports. The Welsh rugby player is known to frequently enjoy driven shooting and finds it a highly rewarding activity, whilst already notable for having 35 caps for Wales' rugby team.

2,200 Year Old Crossbow Discovered, Cardigan Sports Responds

UK air gun suppliers, Cardigan Sports, have recently commented on the discovery of a 2,200 year old crossbow, which was discovered at an ancient Chinese site.