Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc. (CMC)

Carr MFG Quality Certification Renewed by Internationally Recognized Standard

LogoIn the world of business, ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for quality management, and it covers the processes which are used to create and control services and products, prescribes regular control of activities to make sure customers’ needs are met, and is versatile enough that it applies to any service or product anywhere around the globe. Carr MFG recently passed the annual certification audit and is proud to be able to offer customers quality-guaranteed products for their seventh year in business. Click on the link for more information on cable assembly.

Advancing Technology Makes Solar Energy More Affordable Across Industries

LogoCarr Manufacturing, a California-based manufacturing company, has seen steady demand for its solar connectors and cable assemblies as solar technology becomes increasingly accessible across major industries. A recent article on explained how different factors and programs have made solar energy more affordable. As more businesses seek to leverage new energy sources, Carr Manufacturing has also increased its array of solar products.