Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green Aims to Discover and Develop More R&B and Soul Musicians Through His New Record Label

LogoThe release of Cee Lo Green's fifth studio album, Heart Blanche marks his comeback to the music scene. Although he has been on a state of hiatus for five years in the music industry, he still continued on creating soulful music for his fans. Rumors have spread that before the tracks of the Heart Blanche album was selected, there was a total of 70 songs that have been already recorded. But since Cee Lo Green wants to share his newfound perspective in life, he carefully hand-picked the songs that best describe the universal theme of the album which is humanity and humility.

Cee Lo Green Includes a Song Written by Two Songwriters from Ithaca in His Latest Fifth Studio Album, Heart Blanche

LogoThe two songwriters from Alum, Ithaca could not find the words to express their happiness and gratitude towards Cee Lo Green. The American soul music machine singer and rapper had recorded and released their song, Thorns, along with other awesome hits that include Mother May I and Music to My Soul in his fifth studio album, Heart Blanche, which was released last November.

Cee Lo Green Bares It All: What Makes the #HeartBlanche Album the Music to the Soul

LogoThe recent announcement of Cee Lo Green about his engagement to his longtime lady friend, Shani James have seemed to be one of the inspirations of the American singer, songwriter and rapper to release his upcoming fifth studio album, Heart Blanche. The album with top four songs already released and can be heard exclusively in www.soundcloud.com/ceelogreen includes 'Mother May I', 'Music to my Soul', 'Sign of the Times', 'Robin Williams', and Heart Blanche.

Cee Lo Green's New Album #HeartBlanche Includes the Works of the Biggest Names in the Hollywood Today

LogoCee Lo Green may indeed have overcome his dark past, where he had faced jail time from the accusations of slipping ecstasy on the drinks of his dinner date at a sushi restaurant. That is because the American singer, rapper and songwriter, who became famous after his Gnarls Barkley hit song 'Crazy' and recent stint as "The Voice" coach – had recently announced that he is engaged with his longtime lady friend, Shani James and will be releasing this November his fifth solo studio album, Heart Blanche.