Celebration Giftware Offers Items for Every Age and Every Occasion

In 2011, experts estimated that, unless a person was born on February 29, he or she shared a birthday with more than 19 million people across the globe or .274 percent of the population. For those born on February 29, only 4,791,230 share this special day. "With so many birthdays being celebrated at any given time, finding the perfect gift for each person often appears to be an overwhelming task, yet this doesn't have to be the case when consumers turn to Celebration Giftware for assistance," Jennifer Baty, company spokesperson, declares.

Celebrationgiftware.com.au Launches Extended Inventory for Pre-Wedding Celebrations

Statistics from the bridal industry indicate the number of couples holding traditional weddings has decreased more than 30 percent over the last three years; instead, wedding ceremonies are becoming the center of more unique and extravagant events. Attempting to keep up with these trends, brides' and grooms' wedding parties are struggling to create equally memorable bucks and hens night parties. Using technology to their advantage, almost 60 percent of women currently search the internet for hens night party supplies and ideas to make such events a success. In order to facilitate their efforts, celebrationgiftware.com.au has launched their recently extended inventory of wedding gifts and party accessories.