Cell2Get Launches Blog as Exclusive Space for Unbeatable Deals on Wholesale Cell Phones

Cell phones in America are almost uniquely limited, with the major telecoms providers isolating specific phones so that individuals have to go with an official provider in order to get a specific phone. This happens almost nowhere else in the world, and Cell2Get offers Americans the opportunity to get the same kind of freedom enjoyed by those in other countries. They offer wholesale cell phones without contracts, and have now launched a new blog to host a wide range of amazing special offers and Cell2Get deals.

Cell2Get.com Gets Social by Launching Deals and Promo Codes Through Social Media

Cell phones are now considered essential for the vast majority of people, providing much more than just instant communication via call and text, but access to the internet and email, social media and games. The biggest drawback is that networks hold cell phones hostage so they can only be used with one provider, killing competition and preventing people from getting the best usage deals. Cell2Get offers unlocked cell phones that allow users to choose the most competitive carrier, and they have launched multiple social media presences to help more customers get better deals.