Disruptive and Science-Based, Celluwell Launches to Give Women Something They've Never Had

LogoCould it be true? Could an endogenous antioxidant be the answer to every woman's prayers? The newly launched Celluwell, whose most recognizable benefit could be its ability to help to get rid of cellulite, says yes. Launched in the United States in April of 2017, the natural skin care solution uses the benefits of an active ingredient named SOD; a key antioxidant enzyme the body creates on its own, but with age, production is depleted. Now, women in the U.S. can get the highest natural source of bioactive SOD in capsule form. With a big hoorah for science, sourced in France and produced in Germany, the product is already a wonder in Europe. Taken twice a day, it has become a daily ritual much like brushing one's teeth.