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Champion Cleaners in Birmingham, Alabama Provides Expert Wedding Gown Alterations in Addition to Preservation Services

LogoVoted "Best Overall Service 2014" by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute, Champion Cleaners in Birmingham, Alabama offers the best wedding gown alterations services in preparation for the big day. Not content to just cleaning and preserving your heirloom piece, Champion Cleaners employs the best experts available to help in the redesign, fitting, repair and complex alterations you need to look your best on your wedding day.

Dry Cleaning Professional in Birmingham Illuminates the Dry Cleaning Stain Removal and Cleaning Process for Customers

LogoThe dry cleaning professionals at Champion Cleaners in Birmingham are educating customers about the stain removal process used by professional dry cleaners to help them learn more about what happens to their garments and textiles during the cleaning process. The pre-spotting process used by dry cleaners is typically far more effective than at-home spotting techniques at removing severe or set-in stains, especially on delicate fabrics.

Birmingham Dry Cleaner Offers Restorative Care for Damaged Clothing and Textiles

LogoThe Birmingham dry cleaning experts at Champion Cleaners are now offering restoration dry cleaning services for clothing and textiles damage by smoke, fire, water, or mold. Champion Cleaners uses the most advanced cleaning technology to salvage and restore clothing and textiles to their previous condition so customers can enjoy continued use of their previously damaged items for years to come. They do this through services such as odor remediation, soot removal, and mold remediation.

Champion Cleaners Awarded National "Best Overall Service 2014"

Logo- Champion Cleaners in Birmingham, Alabama has earned national recognition as providing the "Best Overall Service 2014" by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI). DLI has been the premier international trade association for garment care professionals since 1883. Representing over ten thousand retail drycleaners in the United States alone, DLI is the world's leading professional garment care organization.

Champion Cleaners Introduces New-Age Dry Cleaning Service in Birmingham for Busy Professionals

LogoChampion Cleaners in Birmingham, Alabama recently introduced a new, convenient method for busy professionals to pick up and drop off their laundry with the use of Bizziebox Lockers. With 8 different locker locations in apartment, condominium, and office buildings throughout the Birmingham area, customers can simply drop off their items in a secure locker at any of the convenient locations, place their order online or through the convenient Bizziebox app, and then pick up their completed order with the code that is sent via email or text.

Birmingham Dry Cleaner Expands Services with Expert Alterations

LogoBirmingham, Alabama dry cleaner Champion Cleaners is now offering expert alteration services as an enhancement to the detailed and professional results provided by their skilled dry cleaning experts. Alterations are available for special dresses and gowns, including couture pieces, hemming for pants and slacks, and full alteration services for formal suiting and dress shirts as well. Champion Cleaners' highly-skilled team can care for the most delicate, important and formal attire, handling their meticulous cleaning, repair and alterations in one appointment. Birmingham dry cleaning customers who need a special event dress altered, or need new pants hemmed and tailored, or suddenly need a tear in a coat pocket repaired can simply call on the Champion Cleaners team and discuss the alteration in conjunction with cleaning and valet services.

Birmingham, Alabama Dry Cleaner Handles Tough Holiday Cleanup Jobs for Home and Clothing

LogoBirmingham dry cleaning company Champion Cleaners can handle more than shirts and pants this holiday season. Champion specialty services include meticulous cleaning of comforters, bedspreads, Ugg boots and oriental and other area rugs. When the dust settles on another holiday of family, friends and good cheer, the real job begins! Instead of scrubbing out the footprints, wine spills and pet hair from delicate rugs or carpeting, or scouring the grimy stains from supple lambskin boots, let the professionals at Champion Cleaners care for your items with detailed, meticulous and careful solutions.

Birmingham, Alabama Dry Cleaner Provides Special Executive Shirt Service for Busy Bosses

LogoBirmingham dry cleaner Champion Cleaners knows that, during the holidays, busy weeks get even busier. With more time spent preparing the house, shopping, cooking and running errands, less time is available for care and upkeep of expensive, delicate clothing that needs to be clean, crisp and complete for the office each morning. Instead of running ragged trying to handle the added burden of laundry to the yuletide to-do list, take advantage of Champion's Executive Services, featuring specialized care for suits and shirts, with cleaning, alterations, repairs and more.

Birmingham Dry Cleaners Use Meticulous Care for Beloved Garments

LogoChampion Cleaners, Birmingham, Alabama dry cleaning professionals, use time-honored techniques, a caring touch and attentive service to care for each and every client’s beloved dresses, suits, uniforms and more. Every garment tended to by Champion is hand-finished, meaning that each piece is spared the “steam tunnel” conveyor belt that some other cleaners use to save themselves time and money at the cost of a properly pressed garment. Champion Cleaners professionally pre-spots, cleans, and hand-finishes each item, meaning that each is hand-pressed or individually-steamed, depending on that garment’s needs or care instructions. This level of care results in a higher-quality, smoother finish with noticeably crisper creases and a neater appearance. Hand-finishing takes a little longer, but the results are unsurpassed for clients who want and need their clothing to look its best.

Alabama Dry Cleaners Expand Services Into School Band Uniform Cleaning

LogoBirmingham dry cleaning specialists Champion Cleaners provide a wide range of cleaning services beyond traditional clothing care. With school season well underway, it’s time to consider the maintenance plan for those band uniforms that are going to get really dirty, really quick. Often these heavy-duty uniforms are made from wool or polymer blends and require regular expert dry cleaning to protect and maintain their appearance, not to mention prolong their investment value. Band uniforms undergo hours of performance enduring sweat, grass and mud stains and inclement weather exposure. Often, they include headwear that also requires specialized cleaning and care.