Charidy Announces the "Ducks in a Row" $25,000 Matching Grant Competition

LogoDoes your organization have what it takes to run an online crowdfunder, but still needs the motivation or the matching grants to get it done?

Organizations Across the Globe Are Showcasing Themselves on the Charidy App

LogoCharidy's new promo video shows, if you are on the Charidy App, you're in good company. We wanted to take a moment to spotlight some of the incredible organizations currently enrolled and using the Charidy App.

The Next-Generation Giving Platform for Personal Causes

LogoThe team at Charidy is thrilled to announce its next bold initiative to further our commitment to building a better world for all people…and by all people! The new Charidy for Personal Causes is a ground-breaking project that will provide a new, innovative approach to connecting those in need with those who want to help them, in the most transparent and immediate way possible.

Sydney School Wins Fundraising Award with Charidy Crowdfunding Campaign

LogoSt. Andrew's Cathedral School (SACS) in Sydney has been honored with the 2018 "Educate Plus Advancement Award for the Best Fundraising Campaign – Annual Giving" for their June, 2018, Charidy capital campaign. The campaign aimed to raise $120,000 AUS. The school hit this target in just over the first hour of the campaign. In total, the school's 24-hour campaign brought in over $500,000.

Crowdfunding Platform Charidy Leads Global Giving Day Against Human Trafficking

LogoMore than thirty organizations, multiple corporate sponsors, and an advisory board of prominent social activists, celebrities, Ambassadors, and influencers have joined together with crowdfunding platform Charidy for the second annual United for Freedom Global Day of Giving to End Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery (UFF 2018). The online giving day will be held from Oct. 16 to 17, 2018, and aims to raise $1 million across all participating organizations in just 24 hours.

Charidy CEO Yehuda Gurwitz Takes on Human Trafficking

LogoYehuda Gurwitz, CEO of nonprofit fundraising consultancy and crowdfunding platform Charidy, recently returned from a gathering of social impact entrepreneurs, government officials, and prominent philanthropists who gathered for the Global Sustainability Conference in Tivat, Montenegro. The conference is the annual gathering of The Global Sustainability Network, founded by Raza Jafar; the Balkans Chapter which hosted the event is headed by Romy Hawatt. This year it brought together a variety of leaders together to discuss human rights, modern-day slavery, human and organ trafficking, sustainable economic growth and sustainable tourism in the Balkan region. Mr. Gurwitz was among those represented; the conference is just one of many efforts he is taking to make meaningful change.

Fundraising Site Charidy Helps Clients Win Big

LogoPart tech platform, part fundraising consultancy, part marketing agency, Charidy's unique approach to crowdfunding is disrupting the nonprofit sector and delivering big wins for its clients. To-date, Charidy has helped more than 1500 organizations raise over $500 MIL from hundreds of thousands of donors. While two-thirds of crowdfunding campaigns fail, Charidy's 99% campaign success rate makes them the most successful nonprofit crowdfunding platform on the market.