CheapBIZClass to Accept Bitcoin on Domestic and International Flights

Air travel is an increasingly essential mode of transport in a rapidly globalizing world, and both domestic and international flights are becoming more common business expenditure. However, economy class makes the experience deeply uncomfortable, especially for regular travelers, and can even affect health. Business class on the other hand, though the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, can be prohibitively expensive for small and developing businesses. CheapBIZClass is a website dedicated to getting business people fantastic deals and rates on Business Class fares, and has now decided to accept Bitcoin as a currency.

CheapBIZClass Guarantees 70% Saving on Business Class Flight Tickets

Business class flights are a completely different experience from the economy class cattle market, which can be difficult to endure at times. Seats are spacious and comfortable with ample leg room and often better features and food, as well as dedicated staff. This usually comes at a higher price, but CheapBIZClass can guarantee a 70% savings on last-minute business class deals. Expands Selection of Cheap Business Class Tickets

Business class travel is significantly more comfortable than economy. In recent years, airlines have been competing to offer better services to their business class passengers, including flat beds and gourmet meals. However, all this comfort doesn’t come cheap, with business class tickets costing considerably more than the same flight in economy.