Chess Limited

Chess Limited Provides Cybersecurity Services to Safeguard Businesses Against Cyber-Attacks

A leading firm providing consulting, implementation, support, and management services for IT systems and platforms, Chess Limited provides cybersecurity services that help customers to safeguard their businesses against cyber-attacks and better connect with their customers. With end-to-end advisory, protection, and security monitoring solutions, their cybersecurity services are perfect for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Their cybersecurity solutions are designed around the individual companies' needs and are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements. Their cybersecurity services are delivered by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who have served thousands of businesses across the nation. They use industry-leading cybersecurity technology that guarantees threat protection.

Chess Limited Provides Full Range of Project Management Services Delivered on Time

One of the leading telecommunication service providers, Chess Limited offers a full range of project management services which are delivered on time and within their clients' budget. They provide project management services to make sure that each and every installation is customised as per the business needs of the client. Their team of engineers plan in detail and execute each solution with precision to deliver projects within the given deadlines. They develop a complete project plan that helps to identify areas which can help reduce business costs. Besides project management services, they also provide services including Fraud Monitoring, Line Assurance, and Financial services.

Chess Limited Offers Software Development Services to Broaden the Business and Communication Process

One of the renowned telecommunication service providers, Chess Limited offers Software Development services to broaden business and communication services for their customers. They have a wide range of experience in working with small, medium, and large sized business, in addition to working on large projects and with multinational companies. Their software development team has an unrivaled expertise in a vast range of leading tools and technologies such as Microsoft's .NET Framework, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, Windows Mobile, CRM, SharePoint, SQL Server, BI, Web Services and more.

Highly Advanced Hybrid Wireless Leased Line with Dedicated and Symmetrical Bandwidth Offered by Chess Limited

One of the leading telecommunications services providers, Chess Limited offers an advanced hybrid wireless leased line with dedicated and symmetric bandwidth. Their wireless leased line has high bandwidth with great capacities from 2Mbps up to 2Gbps.

Disaster Recovery Services from Chess Limited, a Vital Investment to Improve Security of Critical Business Data

One of the most reputed telecommunication solutions providers in the UK, Chess Limited offers bespoke disaster recovery services to help organisations prevent loss of communication and access to their critical business data. Their disaster recovery services ensure minimum business downtime, while safeguarding the business continuity from vulnerabilities. Their services are also extremely economical as the Basic Disaster Recovery Plan is available for just 3 pence per day. Along with disaster recovery services, they also offer cloud backup and recovery, as well as cloud email and protection services. Powered by the award-winning Asigra online backup system, Chess Limited have implemented 500,000 installations across the globe, with excellence and dedication. Their disaster recovery solutions are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Chess Limited Presents Cyber Storm 2017 to Safeguard Businesses Against Tomorrow's Threats

The UK champion of Customer Service in the European Business Awards in 2014, Chess Limited are about to present their ICT event, Cyber Storm 2017, with the sole objective to safeguard businesses against tomorrow's threat. In this event, experts from Chess ICT will identify the business challenges in today's stormy climate, helping attendees to learn how to efficiently mitigate future risks, without any complexities. Organised on first come first, served basis, the Cyber Storm 2017 event will start with the introductory speech from Chess Limited's MD, Stephen Dracup, who will be explaining the communication, security, compliance and growth challenges that Chess Limited has experienced over the years, and how using the latest technology has helped them overcome those hurdles.

Connect People to Right Tools and Data with Networking Services from Chess Limited

One of the leading telecommunication providers in the UK, Chess Limited offers one-of-a-kind networking services that help business organisations connect people to right tools and data, from anywhere, through any device. Through their services, organisations can boost the work efficiencies of all of their business sites, while simplifying communication and cutting operational costs. The different types of multi-site collaboration services they specialise in are point 2 point, and MPLS IPVPN. Under point 2 point collaboration, their professionals connect sites within 25km range through direct fibre connection providing 10Mbps to 100Gbps speed, while in MPLS IPVPN collaboration, all of the clients' sites present across the nation are connected based on their preferred access technologies providing 200kbps to 1Gbps speed.

Chess Limited Offers Managed IT Support Services to Pre-Empt Future Problems Harming Businesses

One of the UK's leading providers of business ICT solutions, Chess Limited offers managed IT support services that helps business owners pre-empt problems before they harm their businesses. The managed services they offer includes remote server monitoring with My Portal, LAMA and service desk; network support; post-sales support: 1st–4th line; cloud and colocation services; and on-site maintenance and warranty fix. These services are rendered by their dedicated team of experienced professionals employing cutting-edge technology to ensure high standards of service are maintained without compromise. Hiring their managed IT support services can provide numerous benefits to business owners, including single point of contact and access to highly trained and qualified experts; faster response times and enhanced after hours coverage; and much more.

Streamline Communication Process and Enhance Mobility with Professional Services from Chess Limited

One of the UK's leading Telecoms and ICT end-to-end solution providers, Chess Limited offers world-class professional services that are tailored to meet their clients' business requirements, helping them streamline their communication process and enhance mobility. Customer-centric and result-oriented, their professional services provide a multitude of other benefits including a secured and resilient network infrastructure to prevent business downtime; improved collaboration between employees and departments; latest technology and equipment for efficient operations; centralised IT infrastructure with easy reporting and monitoring; protection against malware and malicious attacks, and many others. Their professional services are perfect for businesses of all sizes and across industries, allowing them to have full control of network and shared corporate resources, while further eliminating privacy and security threats.

Discover Areas of Concern and Improvement in Organisation's Security Network with Chess Limited

One of the leading providers of IT security services, Chess Limited offers world-class security assessment services that have been specifically designed to discover areas of concern and improvement in an organisation's security network infrastructure, procedures, and policies. The security assessment services they provide cover topics such as general assessments, detailed port scan, patch audit, gateway configuration and testing, endpoint testing and configuration, event logs analysis, and much more. All of these security assessments are 100% guaranteed which means if the client is unsatisfied or if certain circumstances cause a break before completion of the work, then a skilled engineer from the company will return and complete the task at no extra cost or the cost of the work will be refunded by Chess Limited.