Chipkin Automation Systems Inc

New Product Release of Barrington LanStar MicroStar Gateway by Chipkin Automation Systems for Remote Monitoring and Control in Building Automation

LogoChipkin Automation Systems has released Barrigton LanStar MicroStar Gateway which allows the automation professionals to integrate, remote monitor and control their Barrington LanStar and Microstar system.

Joint Venture for Integration of People Counting and BAS

LogoPeople counting is gaining ground as a key tool towards understanding the flow of people into a building and is becoming a reliable tool to understanding occupancy. Integration of people counting data with a Building Automation System to control, heating, cooling and ventilation in a building is helping property managers reap huge savings on their Energy Consumption. The joint venture will marry two diverse technologies enabling a seamless integration between the two systems. Providing accurate count or occupancy data to a BAS system using BACnet, Modbus, JSON, SNMP and many other protocols helps any building automation provider to easily utilize the data to trigger controls.

CAS Releases UL Approved BACnet and Modbus Data Clients

LogoThe UL Approved CAS BACnet IP, Ethernet, MSTP and Modbus TCP/RTU Data Clients, manufactured and distributed by Chipkin Automation Systems Inc., are a data logger and HTTP/XML Server which collects and logs data from BACnet IP, Ethernet, MSTP and Modbus TCP/RTU enabled devices.

Chipkin Automation Systems Releases CAS BACnet Object Monitor for BACnet IP Device Testing

LogoChipkin Automation Systems Inc. has recently developed and launched CAS BACnet Object Monitor to help the automation professionals to test or monitor a connection to a BACnet IP device.