Chris Page

Sailing Faster Than the Wind - Since 1961 the Most Hi-Tech, Fastest Sailing Boats in the World Have Been C-Class Catamarans as Internationally Match Raced in a 'Challenge Series'

In 1961 the British Royal Yachting Association challenged the USA to a catamaran ‘Challenge Race’. Like the newly reinstated America’s Cup, named after the yacht ‘America’ not the place, it would be a best of 7 match race series.

Floatplanes Faster Than Landplanes!

Art-book documenting the Schneider Trophy Air Races 1913 - 31. A lively series of race accounts constructed from first hand evidence providing a detailed look at the competition started by Jacques Schneider; initiated with the intention of developing commercial vehicles, but ended up developing vehicles that would win world speed records and change the tide of war.