Christian Kruger Health LLC

Harnessing the Power of Meal Prepping, Macro Tracking & Accountability - Fitness Frenzy App Launches to Show the Sustainable Way to Health

So what does a former male University of Wisconsin-Madison cheerleader have in common with meal prepping? It turns out, a lot. Combining contagious enthusiasm, progressive overload methods, tracking macros, and a new thing called Accountabilibuddies, gorgeous bodies ensue. Enter the Fitness Frenzy app. It's a hub that tallies food and workouts with a twist. It logs every exercise, rep, and weight to ensure users always progress by challenging themselves with readily available information. It's also a macro calculator, meal prepper, shopping list maker, progress photo journal, habit builder, and social center. Users can slide to adjust values, swipe to dismiss, long-press to find information, double-tap to confirm, doodle, drag, and drop. Hello, fun health app.