CIM Launches the Maxima 120i Plus- Solution for Instance Card Issuance

CIM announces the launch of the MAXIMA 120i Plus, the new solution for secure decentralized financial card issuance and other instant issuance card applications.

CIM Introduces Card Affixing & Mailing System 8080

The CAM8080 is a new solution for card matching, affixing and mailing designed for medium to high volume card fulfillment applications.

The Complete All in One Maxima Combi 500 Card Personalization Solution for Financial & Multi-Technology Cards

CIM USA is proud to announce the launch of the all-in-one Maxima Combi 500. This all-in-one solution is capable of encoding, embossing, thermally printing, and encoding RFID cards all in one pass. The Combi 500 is a great solution for financials institutions such as banks and credit unions. It is also a great solution for instant issuance.

Introducing the High Speed CIM Premium Series MultiEncoder - Java / Xml Based Contact / Contactless Encoding at Its Best

CIM, is proud to announce the launch of the MultiEncoder, a new best in class Contact / Contactless encoding solution that will revolutionize the Smart Card and EMV world.

New CIM USA EMV Power Suite Is a Complete Turnkey Solution That Will Make Emv Migration Easier and Faster

CIM USA, a manufacturer and distributor of machines for credit card issuance, ID card printing, and plastic card personalization announces the introduction of EMV Power Suite in the US and Latin American markets. EMV Power Suite is a hailed turnkey solution including hardware, software, and services required to quickly and easily deploy your EMV or other smart card programs only in a matter of months.