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Luxury Pools Magazine Names the 2014 Pinnacle Award Winners

Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping of NJ wins the Pinnacle Award from Luxury Pools Magazine for their violin pool built in Westchester, NY

Custom Glass Tile Swimming Pools -Planning for Success-NJ

If you are thinking about installing a custom swimming pool in your back yard, it is important to first learn a little bit about the process and the options that are out there. One trend that is being used a lot in custom swimming pools is the use of glass tile, either as the entire finish of the pool or as a beautiful mosaic on the floor. Glass tile undoubtedly adds an incredibly elegant finish and can truly transform a nice pool into a breathtaking masterpiece. Installing a glass tile swimming pool is more difficult and intricate than you may think though, and so as a homeowner it is important to decide early on whether you want a glass tile or plaster finish. If your pool builder is experienced at installing glass tile he will prepare all of the beginning stages of construction to smoothly transition into the glass tiling phase. If done correctly, this will save you a lot of time and money, but unfortunately most pool builders are not experienced enough or willing to properly prepare; and not all homeowners choose glass tile from the start and end up switching half way through. Both situations can add a tremendous cost to the consumer.

2013 Top Landscaping Award for NJ Inground Swimming Pool Designer

The New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association (NJLCA) is a collection of professional contractors dedicated to growth and advancement of the landscape industry. In late December, 2013 the NJLCA held their annual awards dinner where they celebrated the top projects completed this year.