Clearsight Antivirus

Clearsight Releases Its First Free Antivirus for Education

LogoClearsight Antivirus announced today that it will provide its first free antivirus software protection program for schools and other education customers. "We wanted to help schools and colleges create a safe and secure network, and we realize that's hard to do on a shoe string budget" said Vice President Dmitry Chendev. "Schools spend thousands on antivirus programs every year, and by using Clearsight Antivirus, we save them thousands without them losing the high quality software."

Clearsight Sets a New Pace with the Android Antivirus with Anti-Hacking Protection

LogoClearsight has confirmed the release of its new Android Antivirus that brings robust solutions in an easy to use format. Clearsight's product allows the end user to protect their Android against malware, spyware, hacking, etc., in a seamless fashion. It is a dynamic tool that makes it possible for everyone to under a powerful cover irrespective of the threats to their device. Clearsight creates free antivirus that enables people to enjoy their device with great convenience. With this new upgrade, the Android devices can enjoy another layer of protection which may work hand in hand with other in-built device protectors.

Clearsight Antivirus Release Worlds Easiest to Use Antivirus

LogoClearsight Technologies Limited; a leading Anglo-Bulgarian antivirus software company with offices in the UK and Bulgaria; is highly excited to announce the launch of a new version of its antivirus software Clearsight antivirus. The New Clearsight Antivirus is a lightweight, simple antivirus with comprehensive real-time protection, and outstanding performance and effectiveness.

Clearsight Antivirus Announces Compatibility with the Current Windows 10 Release

LogoClearsight Antivirus, an award-winning producer of Internet threat protection, today announced that its Clearsight Antivirus product suite has been tested under the latest beta release of Windows 10 and is fully compatible. Businesses of all sizes that are planning to deploy Microsoft's new offerings can now use Clearsight Antivirus' advanced and efficient endpoint protection technology, which is managed through a new administration console that gives IT managers more visibility and control than ever before over all facets of the network.