Cloud IQ Cart Analyser

Cloud-IQ Offers Free Cart Recovery Solution with Their cartAnalyser

LogoCloud-IQ, a cart abandonment specialist, is delighted to announce that they are offering a solution for retailers who are suffering from a high cart abandonment rate, and it’s free of charge. The company introduces cartAnalyser which will help retailers monitor and benchmark important shopping data on their customers. The online analytical dashboard records and captures real time data, such as personal information and shopping behavior, so that retailers can draw accurate reports for their analysis. The dashboard allows the retailers to get detailed insights on how much cart abandonment is costing them and how much revenue they could recover every month by reducing their cart abandonment rate. In connection to the announcement, the company also released a video that highlights the important points about the cartAnalyser technology. According to the video, as much as 75% of all online salesare abandoned before purchase, yet this analysis technology can help retailers recover 20% of the abandoned sales and increase customer turnover by 5%.