Clubhouse Partners, LLC

The Clubhouse in Montclair Is Looking to Partner with Local Chefs

The Clubhouse in Montclair has built a reputation for being one of the most luxurious banquet and corporate event venues in Essex County. Recently, The Clubhouse in Montclair has expanded their event offerings to include dinner parties. By partnering with local chefs to host traditional and themed dinner parties, The Clubhouse in Montclair has successfully moved into the realm of dinner party hosting.

The Clubhouse in Montclair Offers Icebreakers for Corporate Events

With its beautiful interior and welcoming amenities, The Clubhouse in Montclair is the premier Christmas party venue in Essex County, as well as the perfect place for corporate events. Now, the one-of-a-kind rental space is offering tips and icebreakers to get attendees participating in networking events.

The Clubhouse in Montclair Offers the Perfect Venue for Football Watch Parties

The time-honored tradition of watching NFL and college football on TV during fall and winter weekends is an exciting one. While it's essential to enjoy game day viewing with friends, family, and fans, there are a few crucial elements that can make a watch party truly great. At The Clubhouse in Montclair, they offer the perfect venue, complete with amenities, to take any football viewing party to the next level.

The Clubhouse in Montclair Offers Their Venue for Holiday and Festival Celebrations This Fall Season

The Clubhouse in Montclair provides a unique and one-of-a-kind party event hall in Essex Count to allow guests to enjoy food, drinks, music, and all the amenities that the venue has to offer. Now, the company is offering their party rental space for the wide variety of holidays, festivals, and celebrations that occur during the upcoming fall season.

The Clubhouse in Montclair Offers Tips on Making the Perfect Party Playlist

As Essex County's premier event venue and rental space, The Clubhouse in Montclair understands the importance that a playlist can have for a party. It can enhance and enliven the atmosphere, or add an understated nuance. To assist hosts in selecting their music, the organization is offering tips on curating the perfect playlist for any party or get-together.

The Clubhouse in Montclair Provides a One-of-a-Kind Experience for Partygoers

Hosting a party for a special occasion, anniversary, or commemoration can be a stressful and time-consuming undertaking. The Clubhouse in Montclair provides a banquet hall for parties that features not only unique and stunning decor, but also an assortment of amenities and entertainment options for guests.

The Clubhouse in Montclair Provides the Ultimate Venue for Anniversary, Retirement, and Class Reunion Parties This Season

This season, The Clubhouse in Montclair offers a warm and inviting site to host a variety of social gatherings and get-togethers. Regardless of the cause for celebration, this adaptable party space has all the features and amenities to create memorable galas for momentous occasions and is the premier corporate event venue in Morris County.

The Clubhouse Montclair Offers the Perfect Venue for Graduation Parties

The word "graduate' comes from the Latin word "gradus," meaning "step." It serves as a reminder that life itself is a series of steps. But before they take that next step, there's one last part of the graduation process that needs to occur: the party.

The Clubhouse Montclair Offers Corporate Event Rental Space

Corporate event planners and their staff no longer need to worry about where to have their next upcoming corporate party. The Clubhouse Montclair is an intimate space with a warm loft appeal and living room feel to give its guests the unique and distinguished experience that is lacking in corporate functions and the banquet halls in which they are often held.

The Clubhouse Montclair Now Booking Special and Corporate Events for Spring 2018

The Clubhouse Montclair is now booking special and corporate events for spring 2018. From business meetings to wedding receptions and birthday parties, this is the ideal venue for any small to medium sized gathering.