Cobra Products Inc.

Choosing the Right Cable Tie for Diverse Applications Made Easy

LogoCobra Products Inc., a Hudson-based distributor of Cobra® Low Profile Cable Ties and the FLEXROUTE® cable management system, continues to improve the cable management needs of discerning customers. This month, Cobra Products added an interactive tool, Product Finder, to its website. This innovation approach to quick and easy answers when looking for the right tools to get the job done aligns with Cobra's versatile and convenient cable harnessing and bundling solutions. The Product Finder is designed with a focus on the usability and convenience for cable tie users—helping them find the cable tie, application tool, or mounting setup that best suits their application requirements.

Gearing Up for National Bicycle Safety Month in May, Cobra Products Encourages "Safety First" Focus for All Bicyclists

LogoWith the official start of spring, bicycle season is upon us. The snow has melted and the roads and bike trails are beginning to open up, much to the joy of New England bicyclists. Cobra Products Inc., Hudson-based distributor of FLEXROUTE® cable routing system, is raising awareness about bicycle safety in anticipation of national bicycle safety month, observed in May every year, an initiative led by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Cobra Products Heading to the Downeast Bicycle Specialists Annual Open House in Maine

LogoCobra Products Inc., Hudson-based distributor of Cobra® Low Profile Cable Ties and the FLEXROUTE® universal cable guide, will introduce this complete cable fastening system at the Downeast Bicycle Specialists' annual open house in Fryeburg, Maine on March 8, 2015. Together, Cobra® Low Profile Tie and the FLEXROUTE® cable guide provides a neat and ingenious fix to the age-old service problem of ensuring front- and rear- derailleur bicycle cables are securely fastened without any slippages and scratches to the bicycle frame, producing minimum friction and requiring little to no maintenance. As part of their initiative to jump into the bicycle parts and accessories market, Cobra Products join hands with Downeast Bicycle Specialists, a full service bicycle parts and accessories distributor, to garner exposure from bicycle retailers, manufacturers, and dealers.

Cobra Products Introduces FLEXROUTE Universal Cable Guide to Bicycling Industry

LogoCobra Products Inc., manufacturer and distributor of Cobra® Low Profile Ties, in partnership with Hawken Components, designer of the FLEXROUTE® universal cable guide, creates a complete cable fastening system for use in the bicycling industry. Improper housing of both brake and derailleur cables leads to sluggish shifting, chafing of crossed cables around the bicycle, and potential wear and tear of the bicycle components over the long haul. The FLEXROUTE® cable guide and Cobra® Low Profile Tie combination adds value by not only fastening the bicycle cables to the frame, but also by flexing and forming to each frame, providing uniform traction, which prevents any slippages and scratches to the frame. Cobra Products exclusively distributes the FLEXROUTE® in a bundled package with Cobra® Low Profile Ties—the lowest profile cable tie on the market—along with the tools for installation and removal (which cuts off excess strap without leaving a sharp protrusion that can cause snags, cuts, and abrasions to cables, frames, and users) to bicycle manufacturers, distributors, and retailers and service shops.

Cobra Products to Introduce Cobra Low Profile Ties at Marine Dealer Shows Across the Mid-Western United States

LogoCobra Products Inc. is making its presence felt at various marine dealer shows throughout the Mid-West United States during September and October. Cobra Product’s Mid-West Region sales representative will be attending the following trade shows:

Cobra Products and Hawken Components Announce Unique Cable Fastening Solution

LogoCobra Products Inc., manufacturer and distributor of Cobra® Low Profile Ties, in partnership with Hawken Components, designer of the FLEXROUTE™, provides the universal, highly durable, and visually appealing cable fastening solution for use across a wide range of industries including automotive, marine, and industrial markets. Cobra Products exclusively distributes the FLEXROUTE™ in a bundled package with Cobra® Low Profile Ties to retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

Cobra Low Profile Cable Tie Is Tie of Choice for Scuba Diving

LogoCobra Products Inc, manufacturer and distributor of the Cobra® Low Profile Ties, offers the ultimate solution to separated mouthpiece problems faced by scuba divers that can potentially cause stress and lead to panic, rapid ascents, decompression illness and pressure-related injuries to them when scuba diving. With its superior tensile strength and a smooth, snag-proof contour design, Cobra Ties provide unparalleled safety as they secures the mouthpiece tight to the scuba regulator while eliminating the risk of cuts and abrasions to the skin and equipment of the diver. An important part of the diving kit, Cobra Ties is available in different dimensions, materials, and tensile strengths to suit a broad range of diving equipment requirements.

Cobra Tie Is a Safe Choice of Cable Ties for the Marine Industry

LogoCobra Low Profile Cable Ties, manufactured and distributed by Cobra Products Inc., are uniquely designed to address the concerns of marine installers, who often get their hands cut from the sharp edges of traditional cable ties, while performing repairs and maintenance work on boats and yachts. Bill Bishop, owner of Parmain Boat Works proclaims in his Marine Installer’s Rant blog post, “Is it just me or my imagination that Cable Ties are the most dangerous thing on a boat … where even the small square body of the tie wrap has sharp enough corners to insure efficient collection of my flesh?” Cobra Ties provide unparallel safety with its flexible head design which captures the trimmed-end, creating a smooth, snag-free surface with no sharp barbs or spikes sticking out that can potentially injure the installer, mechanic or the boat enthusiast. An indispensable part of marine supplies, Cobra Ties with its superior tensile strength, low profile head, and visually appealing appearance can not only enhance the look of the boat, but would also effectively and efficiently meet the requirement of wire bundling projects around the boat.

Cobra Products Inc. Announces New Look for Its Line of Low Profile Cable Ties

LogoCobra Products, Inc., supplier of Cobra Ties, the lowest profile nylon cable tie, boasts a new brand image, website, and new tagline – “Holds Tight, No Bite”.