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Meningitis Treatment Market Business Segmentation by Revenue Growth Prospects 2026

LogoMeningitis is a swelling of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. It causes due to viral or bacterial infection of the fluid surrounding the brain. However, there are other reasons that can trigger meningitis such as brain tumor, cancer, injuries, and certain drugs. The swelling associated with meninges triggers symptoms such as painful headaches, fever, loss of appetite, and stiffness of the neck. Meningitis is a fatal disease and has a rapid onset of action. If left untreated, it can cause severe damage to the brain in almost half of the total infected population. It can also lead to serious ailments such as mental retardation, epilepsy, and deafness. According to Meningitis Research Foundation, as of 2017, around 80% - 90% of meningitis cases are estimated to be caused by enteroviruses and the remaining 10% is estimated to be caused by herpes virus, mumps, measles, and human immune deficiency virus. According to the Confederation of Meningitis Organizations Inc., in 2010, around 50% of the bacterial meningitis cases occur in children under the age of five years and in adolescent and young adults from 15-24 year of age.

Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Future and Technological Advancement 2026

LogoIntravenous solutions (IV) are administered through the intravenous route in order to provide sugar, salt, and water directly into veins. IV solutions and electrolytes are used for fluid resuscitation, routine maintenance, replacement, and redistribution. Intravenous drugs, nutrition, and mixed solutions are modern therapy. The growth of this market is expected to grow on the account of the rising adoption of inorganic growth strategies such as collaborations and acquisitions by key players in order to expand their portfolio. For instance, in April 2015, Baxter International Inc. and France-based Laboratoire Aguettant SAS entered into a licensing and distribution agreement for trace elements, which are essential micronutrients used in parenteral nutrition (PN) therapy.

Technological Innovations to Boost the Interventional Cardiology Devices Market

LogoInterventional Cardiology Devices Market Insights: The branch of cardiology that deals with catheter-based treatment of heart diseases such as congenital heart defect (CHD), coronary artery disease, and aneurysm is called interventional cardiology. In interventional cardiology, catheter is inserted into femoral artery or any large peripheral artery or vein. It also involves use of fluoroscopy to perform procedure through catheter. Some of the benefits of interventional cardiology include fast recovery, short hospital stay, and controlled bleeding.

Implantable Drug Delivery Devices Market Size Share -Advancement, Industry Trends and Forecast - 2026

LogoImplantable drug delivery devices – Bid good bye to painful needles Implantable drug delivery devices are used to administer different medications, drugs, and fluids without inserting needle repeatedly. These products avoids the need for patients to be for intravenous infusion. Various developments and discoveries in the fields of proteomics, genomics, and biotechnology in the recent has led to emerging classes of novel pharmaceutical compounds like siRNAs, small molecules, and other nanoparticle-based products that are not compatible with standard oral formulations. On the contrary, these drugs are well-suited for parenteral administration, in order to obtain desired effect. The last decade has witnessed growing conjunction between drug therapies and implantable devices, which include devices such as, osmotic pumps and implantable rods that deliver drugs on specific targeted area (anticancer agents, hormones and vaccine).

Familial Amyloid Cardiomyopathy Treatment Market Technology & Market Analysis Report

LogoFamilial Amyloid Cardiomyopathy Treatment Market – Insights Familial amyloid cardiomyopathy (FAC), also known as hereditary cardiac transthyretin amyloidosis or hereditary amyloid cardiomyopathy, is the aggregation and deposition of mutant and wild-type transthyretin protein (TTR) in heart. The condition is more prevalent in geriatric population. The protein transthyretin amyloid fibrils infiltrates the myocardium, thereby leading to diastolic dysfunction from restrictive cardiomyopathy. This in turn increases the risk of heart failure. V1221, P24S, V20I, A45T, Gly47Val, I68L, L111M, Glu51Gly, and Gln92Lys are some of the mutations in TTR, which are associated with familial amyloid cardiomyopathy. V1221 is the most common mutation and is substitution of isoleucine for valine at position 122 that occurs in high frequency in African-Americans.

Hemostasis & Tissue Sealing Agents Market Drivers Is Responsible to for Increasing Market Share

LogoHemostasis is a physiological process to prevent and stop bleeding, in order to keep blood within a damaged blood vessel. Hemostasis is characterized by clot formation by activating the natural coagulation cascade. However, in cases of severe injuries and major surgeries, the blood loss is significant where it cannot be stopped via natural healing process. Thus, hemostats and tissue sealing agents is used in such situations by minimizing the blood loss and helps in healing the injury.

Flow Cytometry Market Latest Advancements & Market Outlook to 2026

LogoFlow cytometry is an instrument broadly used for cell counting, cell sorting, biomarker detection, and protein engineering. The process is carried out by suspending cells in a stream of fluid and passing them into an electronic detection apparatus. Flow cytometry process is broadly used in the diagnosis of various diseases such as blood cancers with several applications in basic research, clinical practice, and clinical trials. Moreover, flow cytometry also offer the study of the expression of cell surface and intracellular molecules and characterization of various cell types in a heterogeneous cell population. Furthermore, it also allows for simultaneous multi-parameter analysis of single cells. The market growth of this market primarily depends on the increasing introduction of advanced technologies, rising research activities in the life science field and increasing application of flow cytometry in the detection of HIV and cancers.

Drug Eluting Stents Market New Business Opportunities and Investment Research Report

LogoA drug-eluting stent (DES) is a coronary stent which is a made up of wire that is designed to place into the arteries of patients suffering from atherosclerosis. This stent is used to hold the open artery in order to provide a drug that prevents blockage in the artery and increases the blood flow. Drug-eluting stents are basically used during coronary angioplasty procedures. Some of the types of drug-eluting stents are bare metal coronary artery stents, coronary artery restenosis, coronary artery stents, coronary revascularization, paclitaxel-eluting coronary artery stents, sirolimus-eluting coronary artery stents, and target vessel revascularization.

Equine Healthcare Market Competitive Intelligence and Tracking Report – 2026

LogoEquine Healthcare refers to the activities and practices targeted for the maintenance of horses.  Equine healthcare offers the veterinary services to horses, providing better quality animal food, enhance quality of life, and increase lifespan. It also includes number of activities such as therapies, diagnosis, and supplements for maintaining internal health of horses. The diagnostic products help to treat disease through vaccination, while supplement products are used in maintaining specific needs. The total equine population is directly proportional to equine healthcare.

Construction Material Testing Equipment Market Foraying Into Emerging Economies 2026

LogoRequirement for compliance with the national and state directives and regulations regarding the infrastructure will further propel the global construction material testing equipment market growth during the forecast period