While You Were Sleeping: Welcome to the Age of Automated Bitcoin Trading

LogoThanks to this new era’s technology, trading bots can do the work for us, even while we are sleeping. Like real people, these bots converse directly to financial markets, determine the movement of financial exchanges, and do the buying and selling of the bitcoins on our behalf. How cool is that?

Bitcoin Is Set to Take over the World of Online Payment Systems: How Would PayPal and Other Major Online Payment Companies Re-Invent Themselves?

LogoBitcoin’s success to institute itself as a currency of choice for online transactions can’t simply be ignored.

Bitcoin Economy's Growth Prospects Are Seen as Contributors to the Upward Trend in Bitcoin Prices

LogoFor roughly a month succeeding the May 19th price, bitcoin trading was on a moderately rigid band near the $450 level. This was followed by a remarkable increase in bitcoin price with a firm ratchet uphill. May 27th marked a $590 price corresponding to the 64% gain from the low price of $360 dated April 10th.

Scare to Close China's Domestic Banks' Accounts: An Impediment Towards a Bullish Market for Bitcoin Exchange?

LogoAs a result of halting financial institutions from transacting bitcoins to restrain risks by China’s Central bank, domestic banks expressed their intention to close their bitcoin accounts hurting Chinese Bitcoin exchanges.

Will Terrorism Soon Invade the World of Bitcoins?

LogoWhile Android, Motorola, the social media, and virtual reality are all being warned by the Department of Defense’s Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), bitcoin is also being listed as an area of concern posing threats to national security.

Bitcoin ATMs and the Revolution of the Online Payment Systems

LogoThe enhancement of Robocoin’s network of machines would be capable to store, access, and transfer bitcoins from any ATM or Robocoin’s “branch” in a blink of an eye without the need for the users to wait for the verification on the the public ledger of transactions in the cryptocurrency. Withdrawals in cash from bitcoin assets can also be made via these machines.

Google Play Store Invaded by a New Malware for "Illegal" Mining of Bitcoins

LogoLookout, a San-Francisco based mobile security firm discovered a strain of malware called BadLepricon which run within apps mining bitcoins while hurting its own presence and protecting the victim’s phone from fast battery loss.

Bitcoins for Online Shopping: Are They Beneficial for Merchants and Consumers Alike?

LogoMajor online retailers like Tiger Direct and Overstock have started accepting bitcoin as one of their payment options. Unlike credit cards which are vulnerable to hacking, paying via bitcoins is much like paying via cash. Bitcoin payments directly encrypts money instead of giving out credit card information online. These major retailers benefit in using this digital currency because of lesser transaction fees and its security to purchase goods across the globe without thinking about wire fees and risks of exchange rates.

No Plans for Mt. Gox to Restart the Business After Filing Bankruptcy Due to $425 Million Worth of Loss Due to Hacking

LogoTokyo-based bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox finally filed a bankruptcy this April due to the loss of bidding for reorganization, a bankruptcy court in Japan announced on April 16, 2014. It will be noted that Mt. Gox collapsed earlier this year due to a loss of a total of $425 million worth of bitcoin currency.

Why Amazon Should Accept Bitcoins: It's All About the Margins and Protection Against Credit Card Fraud

LogoA lot of people had been bearish on bitcoins because they see it as a fad. Learning more about it and with the growing number of advocates trading bitcoins amidst naysayers being skeptical about the digital revolution, a big online retailer like Amazon will eventually embrace it and accept the currency as they save a fortune via stripping seller and buyer fees.