CollaborateMD Is Offering World-Class Medical Billing Software for 2015

LogoCollaborateMD is an Orlando, Florida-based organization providing online medical billing software throughout the United States. For 2015, they are reminding both new and returning clientele that their medical billing software is world-class and available for any medical practice or health insurance organization interested in simplifying their billing processes.

CollaborateMD Announces New Version "9.2" of Their Electronic Medical Billing Software

LogoCollaborateMD is an organization providing electronic medical billing software to medical practices and other large medical organizations. Their developers have finalized version 9.2 of their software in order to better serve their clients for this winter and the coming 2015 fiscal year.

CollaborateMD Is Offering New Integrated Payment Services This Winter

LogoCollaborateMD is an organization based out of Orlando, Florida. They provide online medical billing software to improve and add efficiency to the medical billing process. This winter, CollaborateMD has built an integrated payment service to better serve their customers. The new integrated credit card payment service allows users to process credit cards from within the CollaborateMD software. The new process saves time by avoiding double entry and reduces errors.

CollaborateMD Is Offering Pay-as-You-Go Services to Healthcare Practices This Winter

LogoCollaborateMD is an online medical billing software company specializing in helping medical practices and medical billing firms with the process of managing financial activities. Some of these activities include insurance and patient billing, claim management, and appointment scheduling. Instead of paying for software solutions in upfront payments, CollaborateMD offers “pay-as-you-go” services to ensure 110% customer satisfaction.

CollaborateMD Now Offering Electronic Medical Billing Software for Fall

LogoCollaborateMD is now offering electronic medical billing software for fall 2014. The company’s goal has always been to make it easier than ever for their clients to get medical claims paid fast. Their web based system cuts all the wait time out of conducting these transactions. CollaborateMD welcomes each new client as a partner striving to make every office that hires them happy and successful. The company has provided medical office software and improved business operations for many medical offices across various fields.

CollaborateMD Now Offering Affordable Medical Billing Service Pricing for Summer 2014

LogoCollaborateMD is now offering affordable medical billing service pricing. The medical office software company’s per-transaction pricing model provides a convenient way to keep costs down. No matter how big the billing services, CollaborateMD is able to help patients pay faster and allow doctor’s offices to more easily manage multiple accounts, set user permissions for individual customer accounts, file claims, and post accurate payments to shrink customer A/R. Features of medical billing service pricing include exclusive claim tracking, secure internal messaging, document management with local storage, unlimited user license, software updates and support included, and automatic claims transmission and report retrieval.

CollaborateMD Offers Full Support and Implementation Services

LogoCollaborateMD, a leading supplier of medical office software, is pleased to announce that they offer full support and implementation services. The professionals at CollaborateMD realize how difficult it can be for medical practices to adjust to the changes of switching from paperwork to completely electronic billing and digitalized procedures and tools.

CollaborateMD Now Offering Financial Diagnostics Software

LogoCollaborateMD is now offering financial diagnostics software. With easy access to all financial performance information, businesses will create less work for themselves and more easily reach their financial goals than ever before. The Financial Diagnostics tool consolidates performance indicators, access to payer-specific data, summary data with drill-down capabilities, and comparisons with other providers. Data from revenue cycles collected over a rolling 13 month period makes analysis easy. Business owners can use performance indicators to isolate problem areas and quickly find solutions.