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Comfort Design Pte. Ltd. Launches Latest Line of Office Furniture for Staff Comfort

Recent studies indicate greater comfort in the workplace increases productivity by a minimum of 25 percent while reducing absenteeism by an estimated 32 percent. Though this applies to a number of internal environmental elements, furnitures for the office are considered among the primary deciding factors affecting employees. In light of these figures, Grace Shen of Comfort Design Pte. Ltd. has launched the company's latest line of business furnishings.

Comfort Design Launches Latest Office Furniture Line to Foster Work Place Efficiency

Recent studies indicate a comfortable office environment can improve employee productivity by as much as 50 percent with a number of elements impacting such an atmosphere. Having been aware of these statistics for more than 30 years, the staff of Comfort Design Pte. Ltd. has become a foremost authority in corporate furniture sales. In an effort to foster efficiency in the workplace, spokesperson Grace Shen has launched the company's latest line of office furniture.