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Comfort Specialists Advises Homeowners of Contributors to Poor Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to ensuring a healthy home, residents should be mindful of the quality of the air they breathe. Many people are unaware of the fact that the air they breathe inside of their home can be worse than that outdoors. Fortunately, Comfort Specialists aims to help homeowners understand the major contributors of poor air quality in the home, in hopes to help residents live in a healthy environment.

Comfort Specialists Offers Residential AC Maintenance for Improving Air Quality

Homeowners seeking air conditioning maintenance to improve in-home air quality should contact the professionals at Comfort Specialists this spring. In most cases, faulty AC or heating units are the primary contributors to poor air quality; however, it tends to be the last thing homeowners think to inspect. There are a number of problems that occur when AC units are not cleaned, and one of the most alarming is how it negatively affects respiratory health.