Commercial Water Heater Sales

Commercial Water Heater Sales Hires More Industry Experts

LogoCommercial Water Heater Sales announces they have hired more industry experts in reaction to growing demand for heaters. For consumers and customers of the company this means that the organization is now in a better position to provide the customer with the best water heater for their needs.

American Water Heaters Provider Now Offers Same Day Dispatches

LogoCommercial Water Heater Sales, a water heater retailer headquartered in California, is proud to announce that whenever an order is placed before 12 o’clock noon pacific standard time, the order will be dispatched on that same day. This is a proud milestone, and one that propels Commercial Water Heater Sales another step ahead of the rest of the industry.

Commercial Water Heater Sales Now Offers Entire Natural Gas 100 Gallon Product Line

LogoCommercial Water Heater Sales will now offer a full line of natural gas water heaters in the 100 Gallon size.

Commercial Water Heater Sales Features High Quality Products

LogoThe large variety of inventory that can be found at Commercial Water Heater Sales is made up of brands that customers can trust. This ensures their customers get only the best in their residential or commercial water heater.

Commercial Water Heater Sales Replenishes Stock of Popular Water Heaters

LogoCommercial Water Heater Sales, a prominent online retailer of American water heaters from the top brands, is pleased to announce that it has recently restocked its supply with 75 popular water heaters. The brands cover a wide range of types that are sure to please anyone in the market for a water heater.

Commercial Water Heater Sales Announces Special on American Water Heater Brand

LogoCommercial Water Heater Sales, a leading provider of residential and commercial water heaters recently announced a special limited time offer on American Water Heater brand model Bcg3100t-199-6nox. They will be offering this high quality water heater for the low price of $2569.00, which is the lowest price at which this water heater has ever been offered.

Commercial Water Heater Sales Offers Helpful Advice, the popular online water heater providers have announced tips to help people discover if they need to change their current water-heating units. There are common signs or rules of thumb that should be followed to help identify failing units. This comes as good news to people across the nation who have old or deteriorating water heater units.

Commercial Water Heaters Announces Next Day Shipping, the popular online water heater providers, has announced that they are committed to next day shipping on most orders. This quick turnaround time is set to affect both commercial and residential water heater sales. This comes as good news to people throughout the country who need new, high quality electric or gas water heaters for their home or office.

Commercial Water Heaters Preparing Inventory for the Upcoming Winter

LogoCommercial Water Heaters, a leading online distributor of commercial water heaters, recommends that home and business owners inspect their water heaters as the transition to winter brings cooler weather and a greater risk of damage from frozen pipe systems. The Santa Ana, California-based company recently received a large shipment of its most popular models in anticipation of the changing seasons. As the temperature begins to drop, water heaters must work harder to produce heat, causing additional stress to pipes and plumbing.

Experts Recommend Replacing Faulty Water Heaters Before Winter

LogoExperts recommend that businesses replace faulty water heaters before the cold winter months arrive, to help prevent potentially devastating damage to businesses. If a water heater breaks during the winter, the danger of expensive water damage may become exacerbated by the possibility of pipes freezing over and bursting, exponentially increasing the damage to one’s business. Winter is the worst time for a water heater to break and a faulty or obsolete unit should be replaced beforehand.