Compassco Is Offering Full HD Gaming PCs

LogoCompassco was established out of a need to respond to the challenges of the modern buyer who is after a top quality personal computer. The computer assembly company has as such, committed its resources and expertise to the production of world-class products that are tailored to the demands of their clients. Compassco is driven by performance which makes the fundamental basis for the manufacture of all their PCs.

Compassco Is Now Offering Modern Gaming PCs Powered by Latest Nvidia 10 Series

LogoCompassco is one of the fastest growing PC suppliers in India. The company has specialized in the provision of high-performance customized PC with the configuration to suit the tastes and preferences in the current market. Some of the Gaming PCs available in their stores include the Inizio X100, Inizio X200, Argento X100, and Ferro X 100. The company supplies three main series of gaming PCs. The series includes Inizio, Argento, and Oro 4K UHD.