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Living the Right Lifestyle: Imposing Self-Discipline and Awareness on the Dangers of Mouth Cancer

LogoWith billions of dollars spent on cancer research over the last decades, no wonder the nation has to make its greatest stand to fight for the life that mouth cancer diseases are harvesting each year. The National Cancer Institute revealed recently that 42,440 new cases and 8,390 deaths from mouth cancer were identified to be silently sweeping the nation’s population for this year.

Complete Smiles Dental Discusses the Potential Complications of Orthodontics Treatment

LogoA lot of people, especially those who are in their teenage years, subject themselves to orthodontic treatment as it improved not only their biting ability, but it also enhances their physical appearance. Wearing braces or retainers progressively align and straighten their teeth, widen the dental arch and help place the teeth in a new position. However, wearing orthodontics poses health risks too, apart from the uncomfortable pain it brings to the one wearing it. Such adverse effects usually result to tooth decay and / or tooth loss.